No amount of media training can make that answer look good

The teacher unions want to shut down charter schools and are ignoring all the evidence of their outstanding success with Maori, Pasifika and other high priority learners. In this edited video, Whetu Cormick of the NZ Principals’ Federation attempts to justify the government’s determination to close partnership schools down.

Cormick attempts to use his obvious media training to deflect the hard questions but in the end, he has to admit that his attempt to justify the closure was bogus. He intimated that they were being closed because there is no research to prove that they are successful but when pressed he had to admit that successful or not the government and the unions still want the schools closed down.

In the full unedited?video?it is made clear that the government’s decision to terminate charter schools is not based on data but is a purely ideological decision. As Act leader?David Seymour says “It’s a classic case of dogma over data.”

Graeme Osborne from E tipu e rea (an organisation supporting charter schools) pointed out that there was no consultation with the schools.?Just like with the Oil and Gas industry the government have chosen to act in a dictatorial fashion and it is their way or the highway.

Osborne mentions the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and how they are?being “run right over” by?the government’s actions. The principles he refers to are those?of partnership, collaboration, consultation and reciprocation.

On the face of it there would seem to be a case for a treaty claim.

Cormack said that the Principals’ Federation supports a publicly funded education system which is why they reject charter schools. Osbourne, however, pointed out that charter schools just like state schools are funded by the government. Charter schools, in essence, are therefore public schools just like state schools.

One of the most incredible parts of the video is when Cormack tries to attack the virtues of charter schools (that he would be promoting as the epitome of a successful socialist utopia if they were happening across the board in state schools.) Incredibly, he attacks charter schools providing breakfasts, free uniforms and stationery to remove the barriers to attendance as “incentives” that “prop up the business, profit-making model.”