No evidence to support Ghahraman’s genocide libel

Comment of the day by Dan:

Golriz Ghahraman is a lawyer. As a lawyer, she is well aware that there needs to be proof that supports her allegations. So, Ms Ghahraman, where is the evidence? You show your evidence and we will show you Israel’s. We will reveal how Israel has only been rocket free (rockets fired from Gaza and Palestinian occupied land) for 26 days and 24 minutes. We will show that since 2001 26,192 rockets have been fired into Israel.

You always refer to your childhood and the rain of missiles on Tehran?? the trauma of it all?? yet you think nothing of all those Palestinian rockets raining down on Israelis. I would think it normal for a person who has been through a rocket attack to have empathy for Israeli children, but not a sound comes from you or your office. It is not normal; it is abnormal behaviour.

Since I mention children, what about the time of worldwide condemnation when Israel was accused of killing four innocent boys?? Ismail Bakr, Mohammed Bakr, Ahed Bakr, and Zakaria Bakr ? on the beach in Gaza. Yet, later on, Palestinian political party Fatah confirmed that they were killed as part of a military deception operation that Hamas carried out on the beach at Gaza on 16 July 2014. Look at the photo below of two boys’ mujahid (Martyrdom) posters. See the logos on the boys’ left and right? They are of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades (the armed division of Fatah), thereby admitting that they are combatants: child soldiers, sacrificed by the more powerful Hamas terror organisation.

Sharifa Bakr sitting under the posters of Ahed and Zakarie Bakr (photo Dan Cohen)

I would like you to show evidence of one Israeli child soldier. I won’t wait for that because I know the answer is?efes (?????), zero. So, I continue.

Israeli children taking cover in a nursery in Hod Hasharon.
Sivan Basa, Sivan Basa ?

Where is your condemnation of Hamas, which arrests Gazans if they protest for a better future, yet venerates Gazan children if they blow themselves up in Israel? It is not Hamas that treats its own very sick residents, but Israel, where they are offered world-class medical treatment.

I would like you to prove, as a lawyer, using a real weapons expert, what caused the?explosion shown in the photo above in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge. See the orange? It is caused by a mix of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil. The orange is an indication of an improper mix ratio. Israeli bombs are smarter. They don’t make such large explosions like that one and they don’t use crude fuel mixes. Israel used precision missiles that can level a building while leaving the building next door standing. So, the photo likely shows a Hamas bomb: yes! Hamas kills Gazans. Where is your condemnation?

What say you, Ms Ghahraman?