Oh look, they’ve spent the lot; no cheaper doctors visits because rich kids at uni are more important

David Clark is proving to be tits at his job, probably because his doctorate has nothing to do with health.

He is now signalling a broken promise from Labour because they think funding rich kids at university is more important than the health and well being of Kiwis. The NZ Herald reports: Quote:

Labour’s promise to cut the cost of going to the doctor by $10 from July 1 this year will now have to be phased in over time, Health Minister David Clark has said.

He points to Labour having had to meet the cost of new priorities from agreements with the New Zealand First and Green parties, Labour’s partners in Government, as the reason the full policy cannot be implemented from July 1 as promised.

Clark’s admission is the first time a minister has conceded that an election promise may have to be delayed.??

Labour promised that from July 1 this year, the cap on doctor’s visits for very low-cost access practices would be lowered from $12 to $2 for those aged 13 to 17, and from $18 to $8 for patients age 18 and over (it is already free for 0 to 12 year olds).

For visits to other GPs it promised, from July 1, to reduce the average cost from $30 to $20 for teenagers and from $42 to $32 for adults, and to cap the maximum fee at $59 from $69.

The policy was estimated to cost $213 million a year.

Clark made it clear today the policy will now have to be phased in but has given no hint as to how – whether there will still be cheaper doctors’ visit across the board but in staggered amounts, or whether the full $10 cut will apply but that some categories will have to wait longer. End quote.

Phased in… delayed… all that means is that they’ve broken an election promise because areas other than health are more important.

David Clark is proving to be as inept at his job as other ministers. Lucky he has a leader who believes in hugs and cuddles rather than actually expecting her ministers to do their job.