Old white man of the day

Time to acknowledge another old white man who made life easier for the group of women that Julie Anne Genter is about to join, mothers.

Actually, it seems to be a combined effort on this one and there does not seem to be a picture of the old white man who possibly made the most difference. But let’s start way back in the 1700s as before then?babies were carried in slings, baskets, front and backpacks.? Along came William Kent, a landscape architect, who designed the first “pram”. It was created for the Duke of Devonshire to amuse his children while in transit.

William Kent by Benedetto Luti, 1718, oil on lined canvas

William?s baby carriages were considered luxury items and were used by?wealthy families. They were?designed to?be pulled by ponies, dogs and goats, rather than pushed by a human.

Phil&Teds, purveyors of perambulators picks up the story of the development of the pram and modern strollers and introduces the next old white man who gave it a push:? quote.

The history of the stroller ? push it!

The stroller didn?t catch on until the next century when Benjamin Potter Crandall manufactured a new design. What made it different from the William Kent design was that it could be pushed! The Crandall design was rejected by the main stream public and was once again considered a luxury item for the elite. His son, Jesse Amour Crandall took over the family business and made some additions to the original blueprint. These included a brake, a model that folded and a number of parasols and accessories. Queen Victoria publicly purchased 3 of them which made the stroller a must have item for mothers all over the country.

The perambulator ? a historical innovation

During the 19th?century many different nursery products emerged and strollers were popular with all economic classes. As parks and recreational spaces were equipped with pavements, family strolls became popular.?Also, advances in science trumpeted the benefits of getting out in the sun and breathing fresh air. This encouraged the advancement of stroller technology.

1850s-history of the stroller perambulator

Charles Burton created the first recognisable pram called the ?perambulator?. The perambulator had a 3 wheel push design. It looked a little bit like Grandpa?s?favourite couch with big spoked wheels. Customers found it hard to use and gave feedback like:??it?s unwieldy? and ?I can?t control it?. Feeling rejected but still optimistic, Burton took his design to England. He entered the market to little applaud until the royal family started using them. It quickly became a popular design that was?widely distributed in?the UK.?The UK uses the word ?pram? to describe a stroller because of the ?perambulator?. End of quote.

reversible baby carriage stroller history

William Kent,?Benjamin Crandall,?Jesse Crandall, and?Charles Burton: Julie Anne Genter joins with mothers all around the world and sends her grateful thanks to you all.