Old white man of the day

William Cullen: Wiki

Yesterday we thought about the modern woman, the Julie Anne Genter type, and her ability to grab a convenience meal out of the fridge and pop it in the microwave.

But, how did the fridge get there?? Spoiler alert: Old white men were responsible. Quote:

Before refrigeration systems were invented, people used to cool food by means of snow and ice either brought from the mountains or found locally. The first known ice cellars were made by digging holes in the ground, built with straw and wood, and filled by ice and snow. In that period, refrigeration was done by a handmade machine known as an ?ice box?. A wooden box was lined with zinc and insulating materials. The ice box was smaller and less efficient than today?s refrigerators but it?s regarded as the ancestor of the modern refrigerator. The ice needed for the ice box was delivered by the ice man during the 19th?and 20th?centuries. Families used to buy the ice to fit the ice box. The ice would generally last a week.

William Cullen at the University of Glasgow demonstrated the first artificial refrigeration system in the year 1748.?However, he never used his discovery for practical purposes. [Leaving women to haul ice from the ice man to the ice box for another 100 years or so.]

In the year 1805, US inventor Oliver Evans, designed the first refrigeration machine that didn?t use liquid and instead used vapor to cool.

In 1834, Jacob Perkins built the first machine for practical refrigeration.

US physician John Gorrie built a refrigerator in 1844 based on the design of Oliver Evans to produce ice for cooling the air for yellow fever patients.

The first ice making machine used for practical food purposes such as meat packing and brewing was invented by James Harrison in 1857. This same concept was made more complex in 1859 by Ferdinand Carre in 1859. This newly developed system didn?t use compressed air to cool, but instead used ammonia. Later, in 1876, Carl von Linden, a German engineer, established the process of liquefying gas which is a crucial aspect of refrigeration technology. The first widely used refrigeration system was released by General Electric in 1927. Beginning in the 1920s Freon was used and marketed as a lower toxicity alternative to the substances used in previous refrigeration units.? End of quote.