Opening the door to the slaughterhouse

The following is an abridged version of a much longer article from?Red Pill Jew. I have broken it into three parts. Part one, part two and part three. Today is part two.

A gay man living in Norway (an immigrant from America) and his partner ended up talking with a Norwegian woman in a caf?.? Apparently, this woman vacationed regularly, and even owned a house, in Turkey for, shall we say, ?amorous adventures?: Quote:

Anyway, our new friend was busy singing the praises of these Turkish beaux when something came in over her cell phone, which was sitting on the table in front of her. She picked it up, punched a few keys, saw something, reacted, and then ? to our astonishment ? leaped out of her chair, called a number, and began pacing back and forth in front of the bar screaming loudly and furiously into the phone in what turned out to be Turkish.

This screaming went on for several minutes. Finally, shaking with rage, she ended the conversation, returned to her seat, and, holding the cell phone up to us so that we could see the screen, explained to us what had happened.

On the screen was a close-up photo of a woman whose face had been beaten to a pulp. This, she told us, was a Finnish friend of hers who, like her, has a second home in Turkey, apparently in the same town as our friend. The Finnish woman had just now taken the selfie and sent it to her, along with a note identifying the assailant. The individual in question was a local fellow with whom both women were acquainted.

It was he whom our new friend had phoned and screamed at. Of course, neither she nor her Finnish friend had phoned the Turkish police, because in such jurisdictions the physical abuse of infidel women ? also known as ?whores? ? by their Muslim paramours are of no concern to the authorities. Instead, our friend had told the perpetrator that she has connections with gangsters and had warned him that if he didn’t keep his hands off the Finnish women, she, our friend, would see to it that he got what he had coming to him.

After that dramatic little interlude, it was surprising how quickly our friend resumed being her previous cheery self. We gathered that this was not the first time she had been involved in such an incident. She was used to such difficulties. They were an integral part of the culture. It appeared, in fact, that for her they were part and parcel of what made life in that corner of the world ? so far from her homeland, with its bland, well-behaved men, its responsible policing and courts and equality of the sexes ? so wonderfully colorful. End of quote.

Three things come to mind on this.

  1. This Turk who had just beaten the Finnish woman to a pulp was,?without doubt, laughing his ass off after the end of the call.
  2. The second point is the?utter naivet??on the part of the woman who thought this screaming and bluff-threat had ?handled it?.
  3. This is the key point: the?total lack of fear?on the part of this woman who, almost certainly, plans on continuing her sexual adventures in Turkey despite what should be an obvious threat to her own continued well-being by going there, as exemplified by what had?just happened to a friend?at the hands of one of the boy-toys she herself engages.To provide some background to what I am writing about I recommend making these sites daily reads:

Despite rising robberies, arsons, assaults, rapes, and murders from these Muslim migrant invaders politicians, (legions of them plus endless unelected bureaucrats) are all in favour of them. Quote:

Not everyone sees this as a negative event, however. In 2013 the deranged former Swedish Minister of Finance, Anders Borg, said that?he hoped Sweden will look like Africa?in about ten years. He said that he sees benefits in Sweden becoming more multicultural and [like] the Africans. End of quote.

The door to the slaughterhouse has been opened.

Countries that don?t want this invasion are?taken to court?and?excoriated in the public arena.? They?re?creating apps?to help them come.

Hell, they?re?flying the invaders in?to make sure they get safely to the NO-GO zones of already-conquered territory like Holland,?France,?Germany,?Norway,?Britain,?Sweden, and?Belgium. Even in the US: in?Dearborn, women walk around in burkhas and signs are in Arabic; I was there in 2008, it looked like a piece of the Middle East had been transplanted!? In Minnesota, check out the?Mall of America!

Politicians and the enemedia deny these zones exist and actively hold the gates wide open.? Judges?overturn clear precedent?supporting President Trump?s travel ban, which then permits the flood of Islamic?Hijra?to continue.

The gates were opened by”Silk Robed Sons of Bitches” and they?re being held open by those same?”Silk Robed Sons of Bitches” as the city burns and the invaders do what every invader has ever done throughout history.