Penny Bright is on the bludge after more than a decade of not paying rates

Penny Bright is on the bludge after more than a decade of not paying rates.

She’s set up a bludge-a-little page to help her pay her outstanding rates: Quote:

I have until 24 April 2018, to get Auckland Council CEO Stephen Town to withdraw from the Auckland High Court, the forced Rating Sale proceedings against my home, or it will be sold.

Time is short.

This is only the second time ever that Auckland Council have applied for a forced Rating Sale against a freehold property.

In my opinion, I am being unfairly persecuted and prosecuted as an ‘Anti-corruption whistle-blower’, for my persistent and consistent efforts to help get full transparency and accountability in the spending of public monies on private sector consultants and contractors.

The amount I owe in outstanding rates, (excluding legal fees and penalties) is $20,000.

Altogether, I am seeking $21,000 on this Give A Little Page, $20,000 to cover outstanding rates (excluding legal fees and penalties), and $1000 to cover the Give A Little 5% service fee. End quote.

She still claims she is a whistle-blower when the reality is that she is a bludging rates dodger. On top of that no allowance made for court costs and awards against her. Last I checked she owed more than $35,000 to the Auckland Council.

This woman is a shameless bludger. She’s had 11 years to put her rates aside, and instead she now expects ratepayers to pay her rates as well. She said on the bludge-a-little page that she is broke. She couldn’t have paid the rates if she had wanted to, so she has deluded herself into thinking she had a moral imperative. She was wrong in every respect.

She is no more a whistle-blower than a hooker is a virgin.

She deserves nothing; she is a professional protestor and bludger.

The best option for ratepayers, already out of pocket due to her bludging, is for her house to be sold and all costs recovered.