PM too gutless to go to Taranaki, sends Andrew Little by car to deliver bad news

So, the PM was too gutless to go to Taranaki to tell them the industry that employs more than 11,000 people is to be shutdown. She’s off in a fossil-fuel-burning airplane to hobnob with Justin Trudeau in the UK.

Instead, she sent failed New Plymouth candidate Andrew Little, who took off in a fossil-fuel-guzzling car, to front angry locals.

Jacinda Ardern is only interested in soft media, and having baying, angry locals in her face was obviously not appealing.

But, the true irony is that both Jacinda and Andrew had to use the very fuels that they want gone.

Speaking of which, I wonder how all those virtue-signalling hippies in Auckland have been going charging their Nissan Leaf’s with no power. It is all well and good to tax the hell out of fuel, and cut off exploration that may actually give us energy security, but the electricity system has to be able to cope… and it can’t and it won’t without significant billions being spent on network upgrades.??

Moreover, the exploration industry will now wind down, meaning that billions in royalties will dry up. It won’t come back quickly either. No one is going to invest millions in the industry when there is a limit on operating.

Once again our government have reacted to lunatics on Twitter and activists. It won’t do the economy any good. Workers in the?industry know the government doesn’t want them or their money. They will seek opportunities offshore and that is where things get really silly.

New Zealand is going to stop exploration. Our natural resources are going to stay in the ground and under the sea. That won’t stop demand though. We will now have to import our oil and gas. Other countries are now going to benefit and it will affect our balance of payments?alarmingly. The entire rationale behind all this exploration and building of capacity and industry was to provide energy security. As Aucklanders have found out, living without power is rather dire.

Jacinda Ardern has defined this as this generation’s nuclear-free moment. Let’s look at that. David Lange declared us nuclear free. He condemned us to 30 years of the cold shoulder from former friends and it affected access to one of the biggest export markets in the world. Apparently, it sent a signal. Apparently, it forced?Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan to sit down at?Reykjav?k and, apparently, it brought down the Berlin wall. It is mad to believe that but some on the left do. The reality of the nuclear-free moment is it was nothing more than grandstanding and virtue signalling. No other country followed suit. Not a single missile was decommissioned as a result of the policy and we still have nuclear weapons and power in the world. Ironically also, it halted any thought of implementing a truly green, and the cleanest, energy source, that being nuclear power, in New Zealand. Power and energy that would have massively assisted in reducing greenhouse gasses and removed the need to build new dams and wrecking rivers.

So, now this is our nuclear moment. Apparently, the rest of the world will take notice and halt their oil exploration. Apparently, the rest of the world will now transition as well.

Or, what is most likely, our competitors in exporting oil will fill the void and cash in themselves. No one will else will stop exploration. We will once again be hamstrung in our economy by stupid, ill-considered Labour policy.

New Zealand’s emissions are tiny, and us not having any will make not one bit of difference. Meanwhile we will all have pay more for energy as we will have to import fuel at great expense when we have our own right here. It is economic lunacy and a spastic policy.