Representatives of the people?

Hi … I just read your post about the charter schools protest. My thoughts were about how much the attitude of politicians has changed. When I was a child my grandmother was a very strong Labour supporter. I recall asking her about politics and politicians and her standard reply was “We, the people, are the government. We vote for the politicians to represent us as, obviously, we can’t all be in parliament. They run the country according to our wishes.”

Golden Kiwi fish and chip shop owner Grant Covich greets his old employee Jacinda Ardern.

I often wonder what Grandma would think of many of our modern politicians:

  • people without real ‘life experience’,
  • people without an understanding of business
  • people without an understanding of consequences such as the sudden cancelling of oil and gas exploration without in-depth consultation
  • people representing us overseas who can’t speak the Queen’s English properly.

Marama Davis and Golriz Ghahraman

Also, what would she think about people chosen on race and gender rather than ability and last but not least, what would she think about people who tell us how to run our lives rather than listen to us?


Then I think, maybe it’s as well she doesn’t know.

I don’t think her ‘dicky heart’ would cope with it.


by The Blonde