Saving the planet? Yeah, nah

I wish our lazy MSM journalists would provide a little context for their breathless articles extolling the virtue of saving the planet.


A recent headline in the Herald caught my eye, “Why buy an EV? The planet, your wallet … and Trump”

Someone, funded by the taxpayer, has done a survey to find out why people buy electric vehicles and one idiot “singled out US President Donald Trump as a reason people couldn’t rely upon politicians to combat climate change.”

So, one person mentions Trump and it becomes the headline. Sigh!

There were many reasons, apart from Trump, given in response to the survey question. Quote:

The desire to promote world peace.

Nearly half of the respondents had bought an EV for its green credentials.

Many felt a personal and global responsibility to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Others expressed a sense of urgency and figured that buying an EV was one of the most practical ways that families and businesses could act for our children’s future.

Low running costs was the main attraction of EVs for a third of respondents, mainly because of reduced fuel costs, low maintenance, and a longer life-time.

The smart technology was the EV’s main pull for seven per cent of respondents

Four per cent, among them an elderly hearing-impaired couple, simply liked the quiet. End of quote.

But, that was not really what tweaked my interest.? The article finished with some statistics:?Quote:

New Zealand aims get 64,000 EVs on our roads by 2021, including one third of Government vehicles, through incentives such as allowing them to use special vehicle lanes, exempting them from road user charges and subsidising projects through the Government’s Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund

As of February, 6884 EVs were registered in New Zealand – half of them in Auckland – and the fleet size had grown from 192 in 2013, to 1150 in 2016 and 2980 in 2017.?End of quote.

131% growth from 2017 to 2018 – wow!? And nearly 10 times growth by 2021 – incredible!

But where is the context, the comparison, the percentage penetration numbers etc?

The NZ Fleet statistics are available online, with data up to 2016, so I got the light vehicle numbers from there, extrapolated the 2013 -2016 growth rate out to 2021 and then plotted the numbers from the article quoted above on the same scale.

Please arm yourself with a magnifying glass …

And just 29 years after this graph ends James tells us we will be Zero Carbon…