Simon Wilson’s sketchy understanding of history

Simpering lefty scribbler Simon Wilson thinks he is an expert on Auckland politics.

But it is obvious to anyone with far more knowledge than him that he cannot do even the most simple Google search on election results.

He writes in the NZ Herald yesterday:? ?

In the 2014 general election, when Hills stood against Jonathan Coleman, he won 2200 more votes than Labour in the party vote. He won his council place in 2016 by unseating councillor George Wood, who had a very high profile as a former North Shore mayor. In that election he also topped the local board poll. All those results speak to his personal popularity. End quote.

Except none of that is true.

George Wood did not run in 2017. He was essentially forced out by the merry bunch of halfwits at Auckland Future. These were the geniuses who managed to put up two candidates who managed only half the votes of Richard Hills and the third place getter, former Alliance MP Grant Gillon.

He should stick to writing about his prostate cancer experience.