Someone lied, but no one died

It looks like David Clark stands accused of telling porkies and, as a result of his pokies, has led the PM to make incorrect statements about Middlemore Hospital.

Lizzie Marvelly probably should be doing some apologising too as it is revealed that the “shit in the walls” was, in fact, a code brown on the floor that simply got mopped up. The NZ Herald reports:

One of the sewage leaks that caused alarm about the poor condition of Auckland’s biggest hospital was a stain on the ground that was cleaned up with water.

A multitude of building issues at Middlemore Hospital and the extent of them have been revealed recently: Rot and toxic mould caused by leaking, asbestos, seismic and power supply issues ? and sewage leaks.

The worst affected are the Scott Building, Kidz First, McIndoe Building and the Manukau SuperClinic.

Manukau District Health Board said reports about the extent of the two sewage leaks in the Scott Building last year were not correct, and they were not ongoing issues.

“We can confirm that despite the dramatic language that has been used around sewage issues at Middlemore Hospital, the sewage leaks were small.

One was so small it was cleaned up with water.

There was no sewage spilling into the building, just some staining on the ground within the soil stack duct. To clean it up, engineering had to mix water on it, so the quantity was less than a bucket,” the DHB said in a statement. End quote.

David Clark and Jacinda Ardern went large on this. Word going around is that the whole scam was dreamed up by a contracted spin doctor. One wonders if his contract is going to get renewed.

It seems to me that many ministers think they can go through life as a minister making outlandish claims, like they did in opposition, and won’t be held to account for what they say.

David Clark can now join Phil Twyford and Clare Curran in the Labour ministers’ Hall of Infamy.

For a former Presbyterian minister, he sure can tell a good story.

Credit: Rr