Someone turned 40 and their cake was telling lies

Someone turned 40 at the weekend, and this was their birthday cake.

Knowing whose cake it is, the cake decoration is lying. Unless you count boys as men. Frankly I’m concerned that Labour people attending the party weren’t more upset at the clear sexism on display on that cake. Everyone, even committed Trekkies knows that the correct saying is now the more gender neutral “where no one has gone before“. This was changed with Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In any case, right quote or wrong quote, it clearly isn’t true.??


  1. Involved in politics
  2. Suffers a bad and constant case of gingervitis
  3. Was in Wellington at the weekend
  4. The PM made a speech at the party held at Port Nicholson Yacht club
  5. Guest of honour was his former land lady
  6. Has grown a beard, but shouldn’t have

Answers in the comments.