Speakers’ corner

Speakers’ Corner in Auckland

Since many of the conservative topics and people we discuss on Whaleoil are part of the new counterculture as described by Paul Joseph Watson, I think that we should have our own speakers’ corner slot on Whaleoil every weekend.

Speakers’ corner is all about freedom of speech for everyone but it is particularly?utilised by those who are who are counterculture. New Zealand’s mainstream media, schools and government are dominated by a politically correct, socialist culture. Many young people are rebelling against all the politically correct messages being shoved down their throats and the counterculture that they are attracted to is a new and exciting version of conservatism.

The popularity of Canadian Jordan Peterson is an example of this. Young men, in particular, are lining up to hear him tell them why taking on responsibility is good for them, as well as many other conservative-type?messages like personal responsibility and how to be a man. One message that I enjoyed hearing him explain was why being a? “dangerous” man who is capable of violence is actually a good thing.

Anyway, back to my idea of having a speakers’ corner on Whaleoil every Sunday. What I was thinking was that it could become a regular slot for guest posters to express their opinions on various topics, if there is a demand for it.

Anyone can submit a guest post for speakers’ corner. One post each week will be chosen and will be edited and proofread in preparation for being published. Posts for speakers’ corner can be anonymous or attributed to your real name?? it is totally up to you.

Why not be a rebel and be part of the new counterculture? Challenge the status?quo and tell us what you think. Alternatively, if you like the status quo tell us why. This is everyone’s opportunity to get their thoughts in front of a very large audience. I welcome younger readers who are currently lurking in the background. Now is your chance to tell us oldies what you think.

You can even request which audio you prefer to read your article out loud. You can choose between a male or female voice and a British, Australian or American accent.

If you would like to step up to Whaleoil’s speakers’ corner please email sb at whaleoil.co.nz and put Speakers’ corner in the subject line.