Swedish feminists are crazy

Feminist Initiative Sweden – Photo: Feministiskt initiative / Facebook

Swedish feminists are not only crazy and illogical, they are also dangerous. Their so-called feminism is now indistinguishable from hardcore?communism where the state gets to control everything.? Sweden?s Feminist Initiative wants political parties that criticise migration banned. That’s right, they only want political parties with an approved view on migration allowed to take part in the democratic process. This, of course, will mean that by definition their elections will no longer be free or fair. Despite this?fact, they claim that by banning parties like the Swedish Democrats from taking part in the democratic process they will be making the process more democratic!

What is most astonishing about their desire for a ban is why they think that it is needed. Quote:

[…]?it is a big threat to democracy and so-called human rights to normalise parties such as the Swedish Democrats (SD). The SD still have a homophobic, nationalist, racist and xenophobic policy, this has not been changed. Their policies are still not inclusive, it still excludes minorities?.

?And just because Alternative for Sweden [a new far-right party]? is now formed, it does not make the SD less xenophobic and racist,? Post adds. ?Sweden must ban organisations advocating racism? or ?it will end with genocide in Sweden,?End of quote.

Being anti-mass Muslim migration and wanting to secure Sweden’s borders does not make a person racist even though left-wingers and Swedish feminists keep trying to say that they are the same thing. Anti-Migration parties have not formed and are not popular because the Swedish public is racist. They have formed and are popular because of the many negative consequences for the Swedish public of mass Muslim migration.

If the migrants were assimilating and integrating and were not bringing with them crime, rape, violence, terrorism and an incompatible culture there would not be a problem. If they were not draining the Swedish welfare system and their needs being met at the expense of taxpaying Swedish citizens then there would not be a problem.

Instead of being willing to look at the reasons why these?political parties are gaining support and working on addressing the problems that are causing the deep unhappiness the crazy Swedish feminists want to blame the unhappy people for a future uprising and slaughter.

Their reasoning is that the people who complain about the rapes, murder and terrorism are the problem rather than those committing the rapes, murder and terrorism. They want to put a lid on the pressure cooker of unrest and unhappiness to stop an explosion. If they suppress the anger by denying people their democratic right to have a say then they are giving them no other option apart from violence.

Soraya Post, a member of the European parliament for Sweden?s Feminist initiative had this to say:

As a feminist and human rights activist, I cannot accept that racial and xenophobic hatred propaganda is increasing in our society. I want a society that sees all people, where everyone?s human rights are protected and strengthened.

What a terribly flawed and illogical perspective she has. She claims to care about all people but she wants to suppress the human rights of every Swede who wants to support an anti-migration political party. Her attitude is that she cannot accept other points of view so she wants them silenced. She would make a fantastic communist dictator.