Swedish snitch lauded as hero

In our society, we don’t think highly of people who tell tales to get others in trouble. This is reflected by the language we use to describe them:

  • Stoolpigeon
  • Squealer
  • Informer
  • Fink
  • Betrayer
  • Rat
  • Stoolie
  • Sneak
  • Leaker
  • Narc

The only exceptions to this public?distaste?for informers is when telling on someone will prevent something truly bad happening such as a terror attack or a murder.

In Sweden, there is a man who decided to spy on private citizens’ social media accounts in a hunt for hate speech. He is now being lauded as a hero for his work. Did he bring to justice evil? ISIS supporters and terrorists radicalised online by identifying them for their hate speech against infidels? No, what he did instead was he made it possible to efficiently prosecute little old ladies for expressing how unsafe they feel inside their own homes and for stating what the cause of their fear is. Quote:

Apparently, turning in fellow Swedes to the authorities for alleged “hate speech” is now viewed in Sweden as “heroic”.[…] Instead of using its limited resources to protect its citizens from the violent onslaught against them, Sweden is waging a legal war on its pensioners for daring to speak out against the same violent onslaught from which the state is failing to protect them.End of quote.

Sweden’s prosecutions for “hate speech” in the past year on social media have experienced a significant rise and the organization largely responsible for this rise is “The Web Hate Investigator” which is a private group founded in 2017 by Tomas Aberg a former police officer. Snitch Aberg has self-appointed himself and his organisation to inform on the elderly for thought crimes and for what he and his Stoolpigeon members decide are examples of incitement against foreigners.

This is not a new idea as the Nazis of course?successfully used secret informants to control the public. People were encouraged to inform on even members of their own families. People lived in a state of fear not knowing who they could trust and became too scared to say anything for fear that they would be dragged away by the secret police. I imagine that if the Nazi’s had access to social media back then they would have run a similar organisation to Snitch Aberg. No doubt they would have soon stamped out any criticism of the Nazis by calling it hate speech or treason. Quote:

?berg’s organization reported no fewer than 750 Swedish citizens in 2017 to the authorities for “web hate”. […]?Most of the people identified and reported by the organization were middle aged and elderly ladies. […]

At present, the organization consists of 15 people, including police officers, system developers, lecturers, lawyers and social workers, all of whom are anonymous. The organization?refuses?to identify the people working for it.

?berg was recently?nominated?for a prestigious prize, the “Swedish Hero” award, by one of Sweden’s largest newspapers,?Aftonbladet. Since 2007, the newspaper has awarded the “Swedish Hero” prize every year “to everyday heroes who have shown bravery, civil courage and human compassion”. Apparently, turning in fellow Swedes to the authorities for alleged “hate speech” is now viewed in Sweden as “heroic”.

Shortly after Tomas ?berg’s nomination to the “Swedish Hero” award, however, his name reportedly?disappeared?from the list of nominees with no explanation offered […]??berg, it turned out, who used to own an animal farm, had apparently?starved?his oxen to death in 2013. After he was reported to the police for the animal abuse, he?reportedly?changed his name, fled abroad to escape justice, and?returned?to Sweden only as the statute of limitations on his crime was expiring.

Notably in Sweden, while it is not seen as “compassionate” or “heroic” to starve animals to death, it?is?viewed as ‘heroic’ to report elderly citizens to the police for them to be prosecuted and have their lives potentially ruined for voicing their opinions on social media.

Not only does the mainstream media view reporting thought crimes to the media as “heroic”; the Swedish state actively?supports?it. ?berg’s organization received 600,000 Swedish kroner ($73,000) from the Swedish government. […]

It is curious that the Swedish state can afford to give more than half a million Swedish kroner away to a private vigilante organization, run by a seemingly shady figure, at a time when the Swedish police are?starved for resources?and barely have time to investigate the very crimes, including horrific gang?rapes, which are causing these ‘hateful’ social media posts to begin with.

One of the elderly women, whose life ?berg has disrupted and possibly ruined, is a 73-year old woman with no criminal record, who shared an old text from 2015, widely available on the internet and written by someone else, in a small Facebook group of barely 50 people. She has been?charged?with “incitement against an ethnic group” for sharing the following:

“A biological sensation in Sweden. A new bird species (parasitus muslimus) has established itself here… In recent years, the Arab bird (parasitus muslimus) has been widely spread in northern Europe, largely because it lacks natural enemies here…The female has a comprehensive feather shield, where only the eyes are visible… The male usually has four females… The species is a migratory bird but with the weird feature that they never move back…”

Another woman, 75, was?charged?with “inciting hatred against an ethnic group” after writing the following about marriage among Muslims on Facebook in May 2017:

“The right to our bodies? Wonder what they mean by that? They say they are not allowed to choose the husband themselves. It must be a cousin, uncle… or maybe a grandfather. Probably they are completely IQ-liberated because inbreeding among Muslims has been going on for thousands of years. “

Yet another woman, Christina, 65, was charged with “inciting hatred against an ethnic group” for?writing?on Facebook:

If this continues, the intelligence in Sweden will be at goldfish level” and “Refuse all that has to do with Islam”.

[…] According to news reports, in 2016 Christina was assaulted by four […] (migrants) and knocked unconscious, an act that has impaired her memory. No one was sentenced for that assault, but she now faces financial difficulties and cannot pay her rent. She receives no help from the Swedish state. So far, Christina has reportedly been interrogated six times, for up to two hours each, for her alleged thought crimes, asked about her childhood, and whether she was doing drugs. She has no criminal record.

[…] Denny, a 71-year-old pensioner, is currently on trial for “incitement to hatred” for having asked, “One can criticize fascism or Nazism, but why not Islam? Why should Islam have any protection status?”

A 64-year old man was?reported?to the police by [the snitches]?for encouraging Swedes to learn self-defense. He is now being charged with “incitement to hatred against an ethnic group” for?writing?on Facebook:

“Before it’s too late, I suggest that anyone… who is able to manage to defend this country, joins the shooting clubs, self-defense clubs, karate clubs or anything… Everything is allowed for a Muslim as long as he harasses ‘infidels’… a Muslim feels as bad about chopping off a human head as we do about opening a can of sardines”.

During interrogations, he?reportedly?said that he has no intention of hurting anyone and that his post was merely about self-defense. The police questioned him about whether he has anything against Muslims: “I have nothing against Muslims…,” he said. “That is not what this is about. It is about Islam and the Koran that does not have the same values as us… It says in the Koran that all infidels must be killed…” He asked the police to deal with imams who preach hatred in the mosques instead. End of quote.

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