Tear down all the statues, close all the art galleries and shoot all the comedians

All over the world, cultural Marxists are tearing down historical statues just like ISIS terrorists do.

Protesters toppled a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina, Monday evening. And for good measure, protesters gave the statue extra doses of punishment. (Image source: WNCN-TV video screenshot)

Elsewhere comedians are now too scared to make a joke for fear that they will be accused of hate speech like the Scotsman who was facing jail for teaching his girlfriend’s pug to do a Nazi salute.

Historic?statues and historic?paintings are now being viewed not as historic objects but as racist or hateful objects that should be destroyed. Context is being ignored for these objects just as it was ignored in the court case against the Scots comedian, Count Dankula. He was told by the court that his context for his joke didn’t count. It was the context that?the court put on his actions that counted.

It is the same with those who destroy historic statues. They ignore the historical context of the statues and how things were back then and instead impose their own modern context.

William Strutt’s View of Mt Egmont, Taranaki, New Zealand, has been slammed as “racist” for it’s depiction of Maori.

Here in New Zealand, a historic oil painting is under attack. When I wrote about it yesterday I was only joking when I suggested that there would be calls to burn it akin to the Nazi burning of books. Little did I know but that same day it was reported that a kaum?tua from Taranaki said the 1861 painting?“should be put on a fire and burnt”

The painting portrays something that happened in the past and represents the artist’s?version of events which may be accurate or may not be accurate. It is valuable either way because it tells us how those events were viewed back in 1861. In the end, all history whether written history, oral history or art history is one person’s version of the truth. There is no such thing as an unbiased version of history as I learned when studying New Zealand history as part of my Bachelor of Arts degree at Waikato University.

I compared the original source documents used by a well-known New Zealand historian whose book is used as a textbook in high schools with what he wrote about a specific event and I was stunned by the difference. I wrote a whole essay about what I discovered. My lecturer said I was the first student to go to the trouble of finding the source document (which was the diary of a botanist onboard a ship that sailed to New Zealand.) All the other students based their essay on the historian’s version of the event.

It is very concerning that we now live in a society that wants to tear down statues, and burn paintings. How long will it be before they are lining up comedians against the wall to shoot them much like the communists did with teachers and anyone else who refused to follow the party line? Make no mistake cultural Marxism is totalitarian in nature. We are only allowed one context to view the world through and that context is that everything is racist, islamophobic, offensive, sexist and far-right.