The bigotry of liberal America

Caption: The tolerant left. Illustration by Bill Leak

It is an article of faith for many of the left that theirs? is the side of righteousness.

In the left?s worldview, they are the good guys, by default. Everyone else is not just wrong, but evil.

When voters disagree with them, it can?t be that they just had a different opinion. In the left?s simplistic worldview the only explanation possible is ?bigotry?, ?racism?, and ?homophobia?.

It never occurs to leftists that such intolerance of different opinions is the very definition of ?bigotry?. Quote:

The left’s interpretation of [Clinton?s] loss is to attack Trump voters as bigots, racists and homophobes. But increasingly we are seeing true bigotry on the left. They are, on a near daily basis, affirming so many people’s votes for Donald Trump.?End of quote.

The left screech that Trump is a ?dictator?. Not only is this false, but it ignores the left?s fawning admiration for real dictators. At the recent Winter Olympics, the left swooned over the sister of North Korea?s dictator. One in five millennials considers Stalin and Lenin as ?heroes?. The romantic poster boy for the left is the murderous Che Guevara.

Che was, of course, the willing executioner for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, whose death plunged the left into wailing grief.?Quote:

[Castro] was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. More than one woman a day was murdered in Cuba on Castro’s orders since the Cuban revolution

Cuba’s large black population is kept in the shadows and out of schools and government. Dissidents are tortured and murdered.?End of quote.

Leftists are lovingly protective of Islam but attack Christianity with gleeful zeal.?Quote:

Kate Aurthur of [Buzzfeed] wrote an article attacking Chip and Joanna Gaines. The couple has a highly popular television show called “Fixer Upper” on HGTV. But Kate Aurthur and Buzzfeed felt compelled to try to destroy the Gaines’ careers because they are Bible believing Christians.?End of quote.

Buzzfeed attacked the Gaines, not because of anything they had said. Because the pastor of the church they attend publicly opposed gay marriage, Buzzfeed demanded to know if they agreed.

This is a well-known logical fallacy called guilt by association. Just because their pastor had one particular opinion, there is no reason at all to suppose that the Gaines agreed. But that is not the point: the real point was to tarnish the couple because of their Christianity.

The left tirelessly chants, ?Not all Muslims?, at the same time as they sneer about ?all Christians?.

Another example of the bigotry of liberal America is their attitude to black Americans. ?Liberals? worship at the shrine of ?colour?, at the same time as they constantly treat black people like helpless children.

Journalist Ami Horowitz questioned people in liberal heartland Berkeley, and blacks in Harlem, about voter I.D. laws. He showed that ?liberals? talked about blacks as if they were so ignorant and hopeless that they couldn?t use the internet or find the local D.M.V. As black writer Candace Owens says, ?the left thinks black people are stupid?.

But if the left thinks black people are stupid children, that is nothing compared to their searing contempt for poor whites.

Political scientist Charles Murray says:?Quote:

the new upper-class holds ordinary Americans in contempt. Disdain. And they?re not even hiding it any more.?End of quote.

If anyone else talked about ?people of colour? in the same terms that the left does about poor whites, they would be pilloried as ?literal Nazis?.?Quote:

From mourning the loss of Fidel Castro to attacking Christians, the American left is not only intent on displaying its bigotry and hatred for the United States, but seems hellbent on reminding voters they were right to vote for Trump.?End of quote.