The Labour party of yesteryear represented the middle

Former Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark is confident Jacinda Ardern will “make a good fist” of leading the country.

We are less than six months into a Labour, NZ First, Green Coalition and we must compare the difference between a Helen Clark led government with today?s Ardern led government.
For starters, Helen Clark, like her or not, was a smart operator. Her tax the rich to feed the poor socialist policies were dependent on New Zealand?s successful economy. She knew that, and took the economy seriously.

The Labour Party of today, led by a student politician filled with stardust hopes and dreams, is now simply dangerous. As are her followers of fashion.
I, like many, thought they would tamper with policy, adjust taxes to punish the successful, and talk a lot of symbolism. It wouldn?t last long, we would move on?in three years, and little would change. It appears we were wrong.

This government is dangerous. It highlights its ignorance in economic stability by appeasing the Greens? demands for the end of fossil fuels. They have no other plan, but hey, when virtual signalling reality is indeed irrelevant.

The Labour Party of yesteryear represented the middle. The average Joe who clocked in and clocked out, in hope of earning his or her pension after a working life of commitment to the system. Those days are numbered. Any ?middle? voter today who thinks today?s Labour-led government represents middle New Zealand is delusional.

The economic sabotage behind the coalition of losers? end to the Oil and Gas industry is evidence of a government intent on our destruction. A government more concerned with virtual signaling, than reality. A government so inept, they fail to understand the damage they have dealt to, not only our economy, but any future investment in New Zealand.

There is a point that citizens reach that requires action against the government, and I wonder how close they will push that edge? Will we next see the Greens demanding that we cull millions of cows? Will we next see the return of compulsory unionism? The water we drink every day taxed for the benefit of iwi? Schools of children taught by those who define who they become?

It?s not irrational to suspect this government’s intent to change how we live… they already have.
How low will NZ First go its attempts to stay ?in government?? Will Winston slaughter millions of cows to achieve his knighthood? Will Winston allow New Zealand?s economy to totally fail in revenge for John Key?s dismissal of his relevance? Just how far does it go before… he?s had enough?

Sending his ministers out to make announcements with frowns and despair is pathetic. Those who voted for him deserve better and those who didn?t deserve congratulations.

In the 1970s I was a member of the Values Party. We had a Jug Band and entertained the citizens of Rotorua?on Friday?nights in the street begging fashion of the day. Our joking goal was to raise enough to have Muldoon assassinated. (Ten cents at a time)
I?d like to think I?ve matured over the last forty years, but I?m beginning to think about playing ?the spoons? again.


by KGB