The Royal Society of New Zealand has lost its way

A Guest Post

When the UK Royal Society was founded its motto was ?Nullius in verba? ? take nobody’s word for it. It was committed it to open debate based on the weight of evidence and nothing else. It refused to express an opinion on any scientific matter.

Royal Society of New Zealand (RSNZ) probably had had similar objectives until it brought ?humanities? under its wing.

Science relies on developing theories, debating them and testing them against observations and discarding the failed theories. Humanities study people and cultures where one opinion is as good as another and the opinion favoured by the majority wins. They are like chalk and cheese.? ?

Its promotion of global warming shows how far the RSNZ has abandoned its scientific roots. Three recent reports and public statements by the Chief Executive and the President are based on RSNZ?s conviction that it is real and dangerous.

It has endorsed specious claims that temperatures are increasing rapidly, sea level rise is accelerating, extreme weather events are more frequent and it is all caused by man-made carbon dioxide.

Last year the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition (NZCSC) asked the RSNZ to provide convincing evidence of dangerous man-made global warming. The RSNZ told us to search on the Internet and the voluminous IPCC reports. We couldn?t find it and, in the end, the RSNZ terminated communications without providing the evidence.

The NZCSC then complained that the Chief Executive?s unsupported claims that man-made global warming was real and dangerous were in breach of the Society?s Code of Ethics. The RSNZ did not refute any of our claims but dismissed our complaint as trivial. Even though they acknowledged that ?contention on all aspects of climate change?is notorious.? they refuse to allow open debate on the subject. ?Nullius in verba? is dead!

The RSNZ has recommended emissions reductions that will be ruinous to farming, industry and our way of life even though they cannot produce the evidence critical to their case. We believe that they are promoting what will turn out to be the biggest hoax in the history of the world.

The RSNZ now propose a new code of ethics that would suppress open debate, restrict freedom of speech and put consensus and opinion ahead of evidence.

?Lord, how the mighty have fallen?!


-Bryan Leyland