The winter of our discontent

Winter is upon us along with much discontent and stormy weather like the monster that ripped up the country this week removing roofs, upending trees and cutting power to a quarter of Auckland’s homes.? In the aftermath complaints were made that civil defence had failed to warn us of the destructive power of the impending super storm.

In similar fashion, this storm brews its own ugly dark clouds and we got no advance warning of its destructive power either.?The fierce winds shriek and buffet us as we cower in our seats, knuckles white and eyes wide in disbelief.? We are all trapped on the bus run by the current coalition government.?

This bus is lurching steadily off-course and inevitably we know we will end up in the ditch. ?


Credit Pixabay

Mutterings and grumblings about driver capability and road worthiness are not enough to stir anyone to get to their feet and challenge the driver.? Meekly it seems, we accept our fate, shouldering the responsibility for the curse of MMP.? Some of us put the blame fairly and squarely on Winnie for the current line up of largely inexperienced and naive politicians making horribly wrong decisions on our behalf.

Large amounts of money have been spent unnecessarily on reports by experts to plot our route through supposedly imminent hazards.? We are warned of the effects of global warming and plastic floating about in the sea killing marine life.? None of us want to kill the planet or its animals and so-called experts hold opposing opinions on the reasons for temperature increase. ?Some?politicians take a stance that justifies their existence but for others it’s a ploy to detract us from the real hazards needing attention.?

Nary a word is said about the changing face of our communities as immigration brings with it a culture totally incompatible with ours, and a great bunch of people prepared to work for money that is not a living wage in this country’s largest city, Auckland.? Not to worry, there’s always the dole to help those kiwis forced out of work.? As long as taxes are being paid by the new workers the government is happy because its coffers are being replenished.?

Election promises were made, most unfulfilled and some contradictory such as free driving lessons for secondary students, adding more vehicles to our already congested roads.? Correction, that was just a bribe to get the youth vote. But what about the election promise not to introduce any new taxes, a promise about to be swallowed up by a new fuel tax?

Our education professionals, mostly leaning to the left and now buoyed by leaders of the same persuasion, boast superior results.? To dispose of any evidence to the contrary they immediately set about decapitating the threatening alternative of charter schools and removing national standards, a significant measure of their success or failure.

Unions whine loudly into sympathetic ears, hands outstretched for their dues for getting this motley bunch seated on the throne.? If they haven’t already disrupted transport or hospitals through strike action for more money it’s only because their plans haven’t quite reached fruition. ?We’ve not seen so many strikes in years and they’re not done yet.

Auckland has become intolerably congested with hundreds of new cars added to roads each week.? The solution, we are told, is to stop driving our cars and use the totally inadequate public transport system. ?To further force us off the road, new highways planned several years ago, with funding already in place,?have been scrapped with the stroke of a pen.

The latest nail in the coffin is the decision not to issue new oil and gas exploration permits.? The glaring hypocrisy of this decision clearly not evident to the decision makers who will continue to travel in planes and cars powered by fossil fuels. ?The economic effect on the Taranaki community and the rest of the country is of zero consequence to them either. This self-righteous path will turn us into an environmental parasite on other nations where we purchase our oil and gas while bowing and scraping to countries like China with its environmental and economic global corruption. ?

Twford announced on breakfast tv this week that NZ will lead the world in dispensing with fossil fuels. ?With no viable alternatives in sight this makes me wonder what other harebrained, irresponsible?and economically disastrous idea they can come up with next.

It’s a sorry state we are in less than six months after the driver leaped aboard with cheery wave and toothy grin.? Now she is about to jump off into maternity leave we are expected to trust her invisible deputy who over 90% of us didn’t want a bar of at the election.

Perish the thought that all is well, it’ll take some time to recover from this combination of manipulation and superb incompetence.?They are like the Silver Ferns staring down the barrel of defeat while maintaining they can still win a medal on the back of poor performances. ?There’s already one heck of a mess for any sensible politicians brave enough to clean up after this lot have finished wreaking their havoc. ?Please, please let that be soon!