Treaty of Waitangi may be used in battle to save charter schools

Kryptonite is Superman’s one weakness that can cancel out all his powers,

If the battle to save charter schools, which are doing so much for Maori, was a comic book I would describe this latest move as a Pow if not a Zap! I can only hope that the Treaty of Waitangi proves to be the Kryptonite that the schools need to drain the Labour party of their power as they are determined to push on with their destruction of charter schools no matter what the cost.

The way the government have handled charter schools has been unprofessional, aggressive, heartless and incompetent. So much so, in fact, that they may soon be facing a negative finding from the Waitangi Tribunal.

Yesterday I learned that charter school charity E Tipu e Rea is weighing up the benefits of lodging an application with the Waitangi Tribunal over the Labour government?s plans to terminate charter schools.

The Labour party and, indeed, Jacinda Ardern herself, consider themselves to have a special relationship with Maori. So much so in Ardern’s case that she felt free to dress up in a Maori feather cloak during her visit with the Queen. (Apparently, it is not cultural appropriation when a socialist does it.)

Despite Labour’s arrogant belief that they enjoy a special relationship with Maori, they may now face?the prospect of M?ori challenging their termination plans for charter schools at the Waitangi Tribunal.

David Seymour has said that Labour party MPs? Kelvin Davis, Willie Jackson and Peeni Henare who support charter schools have been missing in action. He thinks that their silence could eventually be deeply embarrassing for the government if the Tribunal rules against the crown. Quote:

New Zealanders know this policy has been botched. Recent polling commissioned by ACT shows 60 per cent of Kiwis agree the Government has handled charter schools poorly.

Chris Hipkins needs now to consider the evidence on charter schools, consult meaningfully, and reconsider his position. End of quote.