Twitter attack!

Canadian country singer Shania Twain revealed if she had been eligible to vote in the United States 2016 elections she would have voted for Trump.? She likes his honesty. Quote:


Her quote went viral on social media, and hours later, ?Shania Twain? was trending worldwide on Twitter. Given that lots of people were not pleased by her comments, the hashtag #ShaniaTwainCancelled had hundreds of tweets.

Twain, the highest-selling solo female artist in country music history, apologized Sunday night after the backlash intensified. She called her answer to the Guardian ?awkward? and said that she wished she had given it more context. Twain also emphasized that she does not endorse Trump. End of quote.

Using Twitter, Trump haters pressured Shania Twain into publicly retracting her personal opinion.

Does this sound familiar? Folau to his credit did not back down when pressured, instead saying he would walk away from rugby if he was made to choose.

To some, religion may be more important than politics, but Shania’s response showed two things: first, she didn’t want to jeopardize her income from an upcoming tour, making her an easy target, and second; the intense hatred for Trump that was waiting to pounce in an instant, using social media as a weapon. Quote:

“Twain reiterated inclusivity?and that she is ?passionately against discrimination? because many were discouraged to see someone considered an LGBT-friendly artist?say they would vote for Trump, who supported a ban on transgender people serving in the military, among other policies.”?End of quote.

Trump is hated because he is a threat to the beliefs held by liberals.? He particularly threatens the transgender and LGBT communities who found a champion in Obama whereas Trump leaves them exposed.

Along with supporting a ban on transgender people serving in the military, Trump’s administration has ordered schools to ignore Obama administration memos which allowed their transgender students to use bathroom facilities of their choice, whichever aligned with their chosen gender.

Choosing to change your sexual orientation is a personal choice, but demanding to share toilet and shower facilities, at school, maybe an unwelcome intrusion into the personal privacy of students who are not transgender.

Trump is a champion for the average American citizen and by reinstating their personal rights which Obama had removed, he is hated by gay and LGBT communities.

When it comes to hate speech, it seems that those who complain loudest that they are “victims” of it, can be the worst offenders.