Unnatural breastfeeding?


If you want proof that the world has finally gone totally mad, then you have to read this article from?Independent Women’s Forum.?Quote:

It?s ?ethically inappropriate? for government and medical organizations to describe breastfeeding as ?natural? because the term enforces rigid notions about gender roles, claims a new study in?Pediatrics.

?Coupling nature with motherhood? can inadvertently support biologically deterministic arguments about the roles of men and women in the family (for example, that women should be the primary caretaker,? the study says.

The study notes that in recent years, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the World Health Organization, and several state departments of health have all promoted breastfeeding over bottle-feeding, using the term ?natural.?

?Referencing the ?natural? in breastfeeding promotion? may inadvertently endorse a set of values about family life and gender roles, which would be ethically inappropriate,? the study says. Unless such public-service announcements ?make transparent the ?values and beliefs that underlie them,?? they should quit describing breastfeeding as ?natural.?End of quote.

Oh, for crying out loud. Only women can breastfeed. It is a natural process and is the best thing for a baby. But none of that matters if we are stereotyping gender roles.

What is this all about anyway? Why is this an issue at all? The answer is simple. No one wants to offend transgender people. Quote:

It?s unclear whether they?re worried about how traditional female gender roles may limit women?s progress in the workforce, or whether this is part of the?discussion?about whether conventional views about motherhood exclude transgender people. Or perhaps this is just another example of how the progressive obsession with gender and sexuality has permeated all fields of academic study. End of quote.

If a transgender person is capable of giving birth (something that I strongly doubt) then no doubt they will be able to breastfeed as well. But if, as I suspect, that never happens, and the only way a transgender person could have a child is either by surrogacy or adoption, then breastfeeding is just one of many issues that they will have to face. And not a major one at that.

Shoot me down in flames if you like but I am sick to death with all the pandering to transgender people. We have boys in the girls’ bathrooms, men competing in women’s sports, and now we can’t say breastfeeding is natural because it might offend them.

Precisely what is natural about a transgender person anyway? The surgical treatments they have to undergo and the years of drugs and hormone treatments: what is there about any of it that could be described as even remotely natural?

To be fair, Independent Women’s Forum did not endorse the views of the article, which is good. But, we all know how these things work. The word ‘natural’ will be banned soon enough.

These days anyone is allowed to ‘identify’ as anything they like. Well, I identify as a mother. And anything, ANYTHING, that discourages people from doing the best thing for their baby has to be discouraged right now. I don’t care who is offended by it.