What are these two up to?

They aren’t talking knitting patterns for babies booties or how to keep the home fires burning while they’re off doing the really important stuff.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Photo: AFP

But one thing they do have in common is that they were both recently elected by the skin of their teeth.

Ardern is a newbie unexpectedly thrust into a leadership role she wasn’t actively pursuing, and Merkel is a four-term political veteran dangling over a cliff but still managing to hang on by her fingernails.

We can thank Germany for the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) voting system we’ve been lumbered with and which is responsible for their privileged positions.

Germany adopted MMP in 1949 but over 70 years later German voters still struggle to understand how it works.? We probably never will either, but we’ve just had a crash course in how voters have absolutely no say in what happens after the election when our political parties made whatever deals took their fancy behind closed doors.

Goodbye voters, you’ve had your say, now we will do just what we want whether you like it or not and we will do it without taking any responsibility for our actions. ?The promised coalition agreement document won’t see the light of day because of its broken pre-election promises. ? Is this slide into mediocrity what New Zealand is all about?

MMP clearly suits political parties but voters barely get a look in. We have been sold a pup. Under MMP political parties add to their party list any scruffy or self serving politician who’d never pass muster by an electorate, but ends up in government anyway.? Anyone else feeling voters are more than a little hard done by?

Under MMP leaders can do virtually what they want by sheer manipulation. Their raggedy-Ann government is made up of squabbling politicians from various parties who only agree on one thing and that is hanging onto their own seat in the house.??They are either too useless, too distracted or too busy fighting for their own inch of space to be of value. Which is exactly what Merkel counted on when she invited over a million so-called refugees into Germany in 2015.

Conveniently brushing aside the huge social and economic costs, Merkel says she would do the same thing over again.? Clearly she’s a slow learner or ignorant of overseas reporting on Germany’s exponential increase in crime and social costs as a result of importing criminals and economic opportunists.? You?won’t read disturbing facts in Germany’s politically correct and heavily censored press though. Merkel sticks to her script in saying: Quote:

“That some countries will not accept any refugees is not on,? she said, referring to Central European states including Poland and Hungary that have refused to take migrants. ?That contradicts the spirit of?Europe. We?ll overcome that. It will take time and patience but we will succeed.? End of quote.

Ambitious and “holier than thou” words from Merkel didn’t convince either Poland or Hungary to open their doors to the riffraff floating around their borders.??But then she wasn’t actually expecting them to.?She was just grandstanding her humanity, which begs the question, what was she really up to?

Some say it was simple economics, that their financial bailout of Greece hurt Germany’s economy more than they cared to admit.? A?falling German birth rate fueled a labour shortage that made immigration the clear winner in choices to bolster their economy.?Unfortunately it wasn’t a winning move with voters.

Many immigrants came to Germany for a free lunch, not a job.? They demanded good quality housing, the best possible medical care for the infectious diseases they brought with them and financial support for their multiple wives and children.

Merkel tries to keep the lid on this failed social experiment by restricting free speech and controlling the media. ?German media reports crime sans the culprit’s country of origin, nationality and refugee status.

The world now watches sleepy Germans finally wake up to the extent of their troubles. ?There are areas Germans can no longer go due to the threat of rape and violence. ?Hamburg’s local government has raised the ire of residents by confiscating empty homes to house new arrivals. ?I’m sure Germans ponder over how quickly and how badly things went wrong for them.

Merkel knows because she did it. We can now wonder about the little pearls of wisdom she gave Ardern during her visit.

I’m guessing pointers on how to keep your government distracted and squabbling so you can pursue your own social engineering agenda by pushing through legislation that people don’t want.