Where is your survival instinct?

The following is an abridged version of a much longer article from?Red Pill Jew.?I have broken it into three parts.?Part one,?part two and part three. Today is part three.

I know several gay people and two transgender people, and they?re all for more Muslim immigration.? I read articles?like this?and think, do gay (and transgender) people not understand that under Sharia law the best possible outcome they could hope for is a quick death?

Where is their survival instinct?

Do women not understand that, under Sharia, they count as half a man?? That their best-case scenario under Sharia is nothing more than a sex receptacle and baby factory?? That their Muslim husband?can beat them if they disobey, can rape them, can divorce them by saying ?I divorce you!? three times?? That if they are raped it takes two male witnesses to clear them from adultery charges?? That if their daughters are not married and have sex with their boyfriend, or date a non-Muslim boyfriend, that their?own father could kill them?? That odds are their daughter from a Muslim husband will be held down and?her clitoris cut off?

Where is their survival instinct?

Within living memory of the Shoah (Holocaust) and the near annihilation of our people, my fellow Jews in America want more Islamic refugees to America?despite Synagogues in France needing?armed guards 24/7 and wire atop newly-installed high fences with closed-circuit cameras for protection against those very same refugees.

Synagogues are firebombed by Islamists, Rabbis openly talk about?needing protection?to live openly Jewish lives. Muslims across Europe?scream??Jews, remember Khaybar? which is a reference to a battle where Mohammed slaughtered Jews en masse.? Despite all these, and Imams all over calling for Jews to be killed: in?Houston, in?California, in?Holland, in?North Carolina, (three?alone since President Trump?s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel?s capital) and the anti-Semitism?codified in the Koran itself,?Jews write letters to the editor wanting more migrants.??

Where is their survival instinct?

In Sweden, the?police are too busy investigating murders to worry about pursuing rape investigations.? People? (like?this woman?who was a child bride in Iran and who grew up under Sharia law) give lectures based on their own personal experience and people say ?I don?t believe it? and?outright reject the first-hand experience of someone who grew up in a Sharia-run country.

We have attacks all over, whether Europe or America or elsewhere, where the attackers scream their war cry, Allahu Akhbar! Allah is greater! but it is dismissed within seconds as ?mental illness? and politicians battle to see who can tongue-bathe the feet of the invaders with the greatest fervour.

Where is their survival instinct?

The Islamic invasion by migration (Hijra) let alone their greater birth rate is calamitous but they?ve invaded and outbred us before and we?ve beaten them back before. Those are definitely existential threats, but they?re not the fundamental threat.

The fundamental threat?this time is that so many are blind to it thanks to the atrophy of our threat-recognition. We are victims of our own civilisation?s success.

Remember what Whittle said?? It?s the ?silk-robed sons of bitches from the palace.?? It is those at the top who are the most comfortable and safe?who betray the city. The?Ruling Class?has betrayed us with the help of their fellows in academia and the media.

Our cultural softness, enforced by the shield of political correctness, keeps us silent even as our civilisation dies.

How do we revive the survival instinct? My focus, being a parent, is on children:

  1. Physical activity for kids; lots of it. One element of this should be learning a practical combat art.
  2. Genuine competition is critical; there must be winners and losers. Set high goals. No participation trophies.
  3. End ?helicopter parenting?.? ?Just a flesh wound? means I?ll let ?em learn experientially.? (My son broke a couple of bones last summer back doing something stupid.? Odds are good he won?t do that again.)
  4. ?Dangerous stuff?, for both boys and girls.? Which means I?ll take them fishing and target shooting.? When they?re older we?ll attend survival school, and we?ll go hiking and hopefully hunting.? Even now I?m teaching them about edible plants, and lecturing them about the imperative to not trust everyone at first sight.
  5. Education; about real history, wars, starvation, and so on, imbuing an understanding that for the vast scope of human history, and even in a cross section of humankind today, the life we live in Western society is the exception, not the norm and therefore priceless and worthy of being defended.?If you can, get kids out of the public schools lest this be the environment they land in:?How a Cult Infiltrated the California Institute of Integral Studies.
  6. Responsibility for actions, and for making decisions. In particular the ability to make decisions where there is no truly ?good? choice, but the weighing of trade-offs and then accepting the consequences. Make them own the decisions they make.
  7. The idea of restraint and delayed gratification.
  8. Self-reliance and the need to do things for oneself.?Get kids, from early on, to understand that the only reason they are there is because every generation before them had children.? They owe a debt to that unbroken chain from the past: a debt to be repaid by having children in turn.? When you have to factor in having a family as an expected part of your life story, living on the wild side of self-gratification actually looks strange.? This is a part of getting them to see themselves as both individuals and ?something bigger?.

What else can anyone think of?? How else can we make sure that as kids develop and grow to adulthood that their amygdalae are properly stimulated? What can we do to reach out to adults to shock them enough that they grasp the nature of this threat?

Just what will it take?

Truck of peace