Who’s to say this earthquake damage is not recent?

Fast as lightning, lawyers for homeowners are blaming shoddy workmanship for the cracks still appearing in Christchurch homes following EQC repairs carried out since 2011.

This government are quick to agree with them. Well, they would wouldn’t they?

House in Avonside collapses in the largest earthquake Christchurch has ever experienced. – Stock Image

The obvious question is, why did the National government bother to rebuild Christchurch at all?

Given Canterbury houses are being shaken on a daily basis it’s little wonder concrete foundations continue to crack. There have been 19 earthquakes in Christchurch in the last seven days.

Did Gerry Brownlee suffer a sentimental softness of the brain in chucking $20 billion into the Christchurch rebuild as of August last year? And there will be much, much more money to spend because repairs are far from finished. At this rate, we can anticipate funding repairs forever unless someone stands up and states the obvious: this is a bad idea!

A halt to repairs will not come from this government and it certainly won’t come from Cantabrians so we will just keep rebuilding, rebuilding, rebuilding and spending, spending, spending…