Yanks show Muslim loudmouth the door

Caption: Rather than subject Whaleoilers to Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s fashion sense again, here’s some nice, subdued artwork instead. Or it could be Yassmin, after all – who can tell?

Speed the day that I no longer have to hear this screeching ninnie’s name, but Islamo-foghorn Yassmin Abdel-Magied is in the news again.

Which must be a relief to her: not being the centre of attention for two whole days was probably bringing on withdrawal symptoms for this grease-seeking squeaky wheel.

Anyway, she has been denied entry to the United States, on account of botching her visa. But that didn?t stop her instantly jumping onto her ?victim? hobby-horse, whining about “colour” and “birthplace”. Quote:

“They?ve taken my phone, cancelled my visa and are deporting me,” she said.?End of quote.

Which is not true: they?re not deporting her, they?re denying her entry. There?s a massive difference. Perhaps if Yassmin paid more attention to such details, she might have entered on the right visa in the first place, and saved herself all this trouble, and spared the rest of us from having to hear her mewling victim-mongering once again.Quote:

According to the US Department of State, activities allowed on the B1/B2 visitor visa include consulting with business associates, attending a scientific, educational, professional, or business convention or conference or holidaying. Paid performances are not permitted on that visa.End of quote.

This is exactly the same reason Molly Meldrum was turned away from the U.S. once, not that he whined about being “oppressed”. Cruel Sea singer Tex Perkins was likewise denied entry to the UK, in the 80s, for not having a working visa.

Author Mem Fox was also denied entry to the U.S. for the same reason: although, of course, the fact that it was her own fault didn?t stop her wailing and gnashing her teeth about ?Trump!? But then, critical self-reflection is not a strong point of such people. As one of the most assiduous promoters of the ?Whole Language? academic lunacy of the 80s, Fox bears no small responsibility for a generation of barely-literate young people: yet, she still steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the failure of her pet theory.

Abdel-Magied similarly shows a stunning lack of critical self-awareness:?Quote:

Ms Abdel-Magied moved to London after her Anzac Day social media post, “Lest We Forget (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine …)” led to a massive public backlash.

“I went from being, like, this young Queenslander of the Year and on all these kind of boards and councils and I was like the good Muslim girl, the darling. Next minute it’s like everything exploded,” she said.?End of quote.

Well, yes, publicly insulting one of the nation?s most dearly-held institutions on one of the most sacred days on the national calendar is kind of likely to get people just a little bit antsy. Seemingly it came as a shock to her after years of being cossetted (on the taxpayers? dime) in an echo-chamber of leftist ?boards and councils,? that there is a real Australia, made of real Australians. Australians who take a dim view of people being generously granted a safe haven, and an indulged life of the elite, all at public expense, and then repeatedly denigrating their host country.

But, if Yassmin thinks people criticising her on social media is so terrible, perhaps she might want to contrast that with the tens of thousands of her fellow Muslims who regularly riot and kill people the instant they imagine they?ve been slighted by a cartoon.

Still, unsurprisingly she sniffs an opportunity:?Quote:

“Funniest thing is that throughout this whole ordeal all I am thinking about is what a good story this would make,” she tweeted.?End of quote.

Of course, you are. A day without the opportunity to bleat about how ?oppressed? she is, is a day wasted for this taxpayer-funded globe-trotting elite.