Yawn fest ahead for Northcote by-election

National have selected a professional exam sitter, carpetbagger and the guy who lost the Pakuranga selection to Simeon Brown as their candidate for Northcote.

The NZ Herald reports:

A school dropout and former butcher’s apprentice will fight the June 9 byelection in the seat of Northcote for the National Party.

Local party members made the selection from a shortlist of five at a meeting in the electorate today.

Dan Bidois, 35, is a former student politician, former Fulbright scholar, ex-OECD economist with a Masters in public policy from Harvard and a Foodstuffs manager.

Bidois, who is of European and Ngati Maniapoto descent, lives in Botany and tried for the Pakuranga electorate in 2017.

The youngest of four children, he was raised and educated in Auckland, leaving school at 15 to complete a butchery apprenticeship.

“It’s a true honour to be selected as National’s candidate in Northcote,” Bidois said in a statement.

“The hard-working people of Northcote are not a piggy bank for Phil Goff, Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters to raid to pay for pet projects on the other side of the Bridge that won’t benefit us here,” he said. End of quote.

Labour have reselected their candidate from the last election. The NZ Herald reports:


Shanan Halbert, 35, has been chosen as Labour’s candidate for the Northcote byelection.

The head of relationships at Te Wananga o Aotearoa was selected this afternoon by local Labour Party officials from a shortlist of three that included Auckland councillor Richard Hills.

Halbert already has some campaigning under his belt, having stood against National’s Jonathan Coleman in the electorate during the general election last year.

He whittled Coleman’s majority down by about a third in what was a safe National seat.?End of quote.

This by-election is set to be yawn inducing. Neither are stellar candidates. I expect Bidois to win, but I also expect a reduced majority.

What will be interesting is that the two key people running National’s campaign are currently both subject to a law suit from Winston Peters. Paula Bennett and Clark Hennessey better make a good fist of this or their campaign credentials will take a further dent.

One thing is for sure, another Maori will have been elected to parliament without the rort of a Maori seat. I’m buggered if I can work out why a National party candidate would bang on about being Maori; they don’t vote for National and bugger all Maori vote, and even less vote in Northcote.

Shanan Halbert was selected to pander to one of Labour’s factions, and Bidois was foisted on Northcote by Paula Bennett’s faction who seem intent on promoting Maori and LGBT interests. Bidois seems to have fallen under the thrall of the bugger’s muddle.