Yet you let Twyford attack Chinky-sounding names

Perhaps if Jacinda had stopped Twyford’s scurrilous attack on people with Chinky-sounding names she might not have been compared to Donald Trump: Quote:

Jacinda Ardern has told a top-rating American television show she was “infuriated” by being compared to US President Donald Trump.

NBC talk show?Today?ran a?pre-recorded feature on the Prime Minister?overnight called “Pregnant and in Power”. The show has around five million viewers.

Host Cynthia McFadden, who interviewed Ardern in her Auckland home, raised the?Wall Street Journal‘s?comparison of her to Trump.

The newspaper said Ardern was “New Zealand’s Justin Trudeau” but that her immigration policies were similar to Trump’s.

“That infuriated me,” she told the?Today?show.

“We are a party who was at the same time campaigning to double our refugee quota. We are a nation built on immigration.

“I am only a third-generation New Zealander. The suggestion in any way that New Zealand wasn’t an open, outward-facing country ? made me extremely angry.” End quote.

Yet her party hasn’t stopped the attack on Chinky-sounding names and has, in fact, doubled down on it.

On another matter, attacking Donald Trump, yet again, isn’t really going to help to get tariffs lifted on our steel and aluminium products being exported to the US.

Silly, silly stuff from Jacinda Ardern. How is she going to handle a real crisis when that hits… which it will soon.