You can?t win the culture war pretending it doesn?t exist

Caption: The Turnbull government has a unique opportunity to replace race-baiting tax grifter Tim Soutphommasane with someone of the calibre of Nyunggai Warren Mundine

A maxim of the late Andrew Breitbart was that ?politics is downstream from culture?. Who wins the cultural battles sets the political agenda.
The left have too often won the ?Culture Wars? of the last few decades. The Trump election in the U.S. is a rare case of conservatives fighting back with fire and fury.

Now the hitherto spineless Turnbull government in Australia has a rare chance at taking the cultural fight to the left. Quote:

RACE Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane?s term expires in August and the Turnbull government cannot afford to miss this opportunity to stake out its ground in the culture wars.

Conservatives are sick of Coalition governments which appease the Left, curl into a ball and try not to cause outrage while Labor-Green governments remake the culture in their own image. End of quote.

From 2010 Marxist academics and teacher?s unions began to foist a radical gender indoctrination program on school children. Parents and community groups were outraged. But the left just ignored the protests and carried on with their ?Long march through the institutions?. Quote:

the cultural Left has encroached on every aspect of our lives, from the relentless push to change Australia Day to the gender-neutral birth certificates proposed by the Queensland government. From corporations paralysed by ?diversity and inclusion?, to Christians hounded out of the public square. From the promotion of Islam in school religion classes to the feminist-themed, virtue-signalling Commonwealth Games closing ceremony which emptied the stadium in record time. End of quote.

Safe Schools was founded under the watch of the socialist Labor-Greens alliance of Julia Gillard. At the same time, old cronies were quickly appointed to key judicial and public service positions. Quote:

Every time a Labor-Greens government is voted in, it wastes no time appointing fellow travellers and cleaning out anyone associated with the old regime. The bureaucracies become further embedded with leftists committed to cultural change. End of quote.

One would think that in their turn conservative governments would try to clean out the institutions. Quote:

But when Coalition governments arrive they don?t do much more than benignly preside over the status quo, even when run by avowed conservatives. End of quote.

Conservative governments repeatedly let themselves be cowed by social media ?outrage? mobs and paralyzed by a leftist bureaucracy. Quote:

So […] our remarkable nation is transformed, and the seeds of division take root.

But it doesn?t have to be that way.

The only way to arrest this dispiriting drift to the left is for Coalition governments to stop pretending there are no culture wars and get into the trenches and fight. End of quote.

Like his good friend Yassmin, Tim Soupinacan is the beneficiary of Australia’s generous refugee program. Like Yassmin he has been spoon-fed the sort of opportunities and rewards that ordinary Australians can only dream of. Yet in return, all he has done is denigrate his generous host and repeatedly used mostly imaginary racism to sow division in our society. Quote:

The symbolic value cannot be over-estimated of replacing Soutphommasane with a Commissioner who doesn?t want to use race to divide us. End of quote.

Turnbull needs to show the sort of resolve he has so far conspicuously lacked. He needs to replace Soupy with someone who isn’t just another hateful lefty hack or professional victim. Quote:

Warren Mundine is the best person for the job. Well respected, brimming with common sense and optimism, he has proven track record as a businessman, and as an Aboriginal and political leader. End of quote.

Warren Mundine is what we Australians call a ?good bloke?. Mundine is a former president of the Labor party who quit the party in disgust as it drifted further and further to the left.

Unlike too many other indigenous activists, Mundine refuses to cocoon himself in a self-serving victim narrative. He is pro-development and passionately dedicated to the proposition that Aboriginal Australians need to get back to school, into work, and off welfare dependency if they are ever to realise their true potential. Quote:

He would unite us around what?s best about Australia. End of quote.