‘You know dear, I once lit a fire, with petrol, during a fire ban’

This photo, or rather the response of one person on Facebook, has caused outrage. Newshub reports:

At 23, Green MP Chloe Swarbrick is an expert when it comes to social media – and responding to sexist trolls.

New Zealand’s youngest MP in 42 years posted a photo of herself and founding co-leader of the Green Party, Jeanette Fitzimons, to her official Facebook page on Friday.

While many of the comments were politically charged, only one resorted to misogyny.

“Nice tits!” wrote a man named Terry, a degrading comment presumably directed at 73-year-old Ms Fitzsimons.

Ms Swarbrick didn’t let the commenter’s nastiness go unchallenged, responding to him directly with a dignified yet devastating put-down.

“I thought long and hard about deleting your comment,” she wrote. “Not the least because it’s heavily insulting to somebody who has dedicated their life to improving all of ours.

“However, given that your comment is indicative of so many that myself and a number of women with platforms have received (notably often also by way of DM), I think I’ll leave it here for people to contemplate what we as a society treat as acceptable behaviour for grown men.

“I hope you too find a moment to reflect on how this culture impacts on the women in your life,” she signed off. “Cheers.” End quote.

Of course, dear little Chloe has not a word to say about the sexism and misogyny of old white man David Parker against Judith Collins in parliament the other day. Total and utter silence.

I’m more outraged by the use of plastic/oil by these two hypocrites:

  • Plastic chairs
  • Plastic water bottle
  • Plastic sunglasses
  • Polyester/cotton t-shirt
  • Teva sandals with polyester webbing and plastic buckles
  • Plastic pen clipped to Chloe’s shirt
  • The ink on the Green logo

If only they’d found some elastic; it’s the only thing missing from the photo.

Just one more comment: look at what Chloe was lauding… this comment by poor, dear, old bewildered Jeanette: Quote.

?There are alternatives to oil, but no alternatives to a liveable climate. As long as fossil fuels are as cheap as they are now, and as long as they are subsidised by governments around the world, including our own, alternatives… will stagnate.? End of quote.

Of course, Jeanette, when she wanted to burn off some gorse, found that oil-based products burn best, even if there is a fire ban. As for her comment about subsidies… well, nothing is subsidised more than “green” products, like cars and wind power.

No one does sanctimony or hypocrisy like the Greens… making a fuss over a couple of beagle’s ears is just pathetic.