1News Colmar Brunton not much better

The latest 1News Colmar Brunton poll is out and it still shows National as the largest party but stuck without partners.

Someone smart in National is going to have to make some moves to do something about this, as the commentariat are dreamin’ if they think that the Greens will ever go with National.

This is the second poll that hasn’t shown a post budget bounce for Labour. They will be concerned about that because their rise in the polls has been at the expense of their coalition partners. Quote:

The?National Party?have risen by one per cent to a?party support?of 45 per cent while?Labour?remained steady on 43 per cent.? ?

Support for the Greens and New Zealand First fell both by one per cent. The Green Party is now sitting at five per cent and New Zealand First dropped past the five per cent threshold to four per cent. ACT Party sat at 0.7 per cent. End quote.

Colmar Brunton also polled other key issues: Quote:

Key points

  • Preferred PM: Jacinda Ardern 41%, Simon Bridges 12%, Winston Peters 4%, Judith Collins 2%
  • Govt’s handling of M. bovis: Okay 42%, Poor 24%,?Good 14%
  • National fuel tax: Oppose 58%, Support 36%
  • View of economy: Optimistic 40%, Pessimistic 35%
  • Predictions of Winston Peters’ performance as acting-PM: Okay job 53%, Good job 32%, Bad job 11%

Jacinda Ardern rose four per cent to 41 per cent as?most preferred Prime Minister, with National leader Simon Bridges gaining two per cent to 12 per cent and Winston Peters dropping by one to four per cent.

National MP Judith Collins sits at two per cent preferred PM, consistent with the 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll from last month.

The?national fuel tax?was another topic participants took a strong view on, with 58 per cent opposing the proposed introduction of a fuel increase of 9-12 cent per litre over three years to pay for roads and public transport. Thirty-six per cent of participants supported the fuel excise.

Support dropped by two per cent to 32 per cent since February of those who thought?Winston Peters?would do a “good job” as Acting Prime Minister during Ms Ardern’s maternity leave.

Fifty-five per cent thought he would do an “okay job”, rising from 50 per cent, and 11 per cent thought he would do a “bad job”. End quote.

The fuel tax numbers will also have Labour worried. No one has bought their spin on the reasons for it, and no one really believes it will be restricted just to Auckland. Labour are on the wrong side of that and I bet the numbers in Auckland will be way worse.

Simon Bridges continues to be Andrew Little-esque with poor poll performances.