A clear contrast between two maiden speeches

National list MP for Wellington Central Nicola Willis

It was a delight to listen to the new National list MP Nicola Willis maiden speech in Parliament yesterday.

There is elegance then there’s bitterness, and the contrast is never more evident than that shown by the most recent and the least experienced National MP and that of the woman who holds the highest office in the government. I have taken a look at Jacinda?Ardern’s Maiden speech to establish this contrast and it is very evident. Even back in 2008, Ardern was a nasty piece of work full of venom, hostility and denial. I have included two quotes from Ardern’s speech and then two from Willis?s speech as an illustration.

Ardern: Quote:

I fear that our pride in New Zealand?s clean, green reputation is already misplaced. It is shameful enough that we are about to lose New Zealand?s most proactive legislation in response to the impacts of climate change that we have seen to date. It is unspeakable that, in addition, we now have a parliamentary select committee to question the science of climate change itself. We had the potential to be a world leader. National told us we should be fast followers, but now all I see are the many, many losers?the future generations whom some people in this House do not yet believe they have a responsibility to. Well, I do.

?It was my nana who was the true political beast in my family. Gladys was staunch Labour. Sadly, I never had the opportunity to ask her what made her so passionate that she would switch off the TV if Muldoon ever came on, and would leave it off for at least 10 minutes to make sure he was not polluting her screen any longer. I know that I can do no better than to make Gladys proud?. End of quote.

End of quote.

Willis: Quote:

I acknowledge my companions on that campaign trail and now colleagues in this House, the Honourable Grant Robertson and Honourable James Shaw. I learnt a lot from each of them. I suspect they were unwilling teachers, but I thank them anyway.

Duncan (her husband) and I have taught our kids that my political opponents are good people. They share a motivation to make this country better but have different ideas about how to achieve it?. ?I think the members opposite me have good hearts. End of quote.

I don’t agree with her on that point, but I admire her gracefulness. Every party in the house stood and applauded her speech, except Labour. Need I say more. But it is not unexpected that the least experienced National MP Nicola Willis is streets ahead of Labour?s Prime Minister on every level.


by George