A maverick or another ‘nice guy’?

Labour’s Shanan Halbert National’s Dan Bidois.

Northcote voters have been given a choice between two ‘nice guys’ Shanan Halbert and Dan Bidois who offer the same old same old and a media labelled ‘maverick’, Stephen Berry.

The two ‘nice guys’ are both ideologically?middle of the road while Berry…Quote:

[…] finished third contesting the Auckland mayoralty, led the Len Brown Stand Down […]? left school at 16 to work at a supermarket. Now he is one of the chain?s top troubleshooters and managers. Contrast that with his opponent who graduated Harvard but thinks that average household income in Northcote is $32,000 ?less than the minimum wage! End of quote.

Acts’ Stephen Berry

Byelections have put mavericks in power before. In 1980 Social Credit’s Gary Knapp was selected for the North Shore electorate of East Coast Bays. More recently Winston Peters was chosen by the people of Northland to send a message to the then National government.

National currently only has weak, single MP Act for a coalition partner. They are Nellie no-mates. Shouldn’t they be handing this byelection to Act like they did for Epsom?

National may have the biggest percentage of any single party but they need to use MMP to their advantage. One more National MP will not help them to form a coalition next election but a stronger 2 MP Act would be a step in the right direction. They need coalition partners and a stronger Act is their only viable option right now.

-Act Free Press