A mistake? She’s been an MP since 1993!

Ruth Dyson is claiming she made a mistake, which would be fine if she was a new MP and didn’t understand rules. But she’s been an MP since 1993, ie for 25 years! She should know better. Quote:

A senior Labour MP has been forced to explain?an “error” resulting?in a complaint she misused public funds.

Independent Citizens, a local body political organisation?in Christchurch, wrote to Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard on Monday with a complaint about Port Hills MP Ruth Dyson.

It?alleged Dyson?used public funds to send a letter to hundreds of households in Lyttelton endorsing a Labour-backed candidate, Tyrone Fields, in an upcoming by-election to a local community board.

The publication used Dyson’s letterhead and included the House of Representatives crest, typically used to indicate a publication has been paid for using Parliamentary Service?funding.

Spending rules, set out in the Speaker’s Directions, prohibit the use of Service money and resources for electioneering publications. This includes the use of email,?phone services, postage, email, and staff time.

Dyson said Field’s campaign team “correctly” accessed her letterhead for the publication, but an “error” was made in not removing the crest before it was sent out.

“It was an absolute error, and I take?responsibility?for that,” she said.

The veteran politician, an MP since 1993, said she spoke with Mallard and the head of Parliamentary Services on Monday to explain the situation.

Independent?Citizens also expressed concern about the use of Dyson’s Ferry Rd electorate office for “phone banking” ? where?voters are called?to get them to support a candidate.

Dyson said no Parliamentary Service funding or resources were used for the letter, or for any gatherings in her office.

She said the questions were legitimate ones.

“I’m happy to account?for the taxpayer money I’m provided with.”

Independent?Citizens complained to Mallard after the group’s own candidate in the?Banks Peninsula?Community Board by-election,?Robyn Struthers, received copies of the letter from concerned Lyttelton residents. End quote.

No Parliamentary Service funding? Really? So who paid for the paper, printing, and delivery then? Pixies?

I don’t accept this was an error. She’s been an MP for far too long and knows the rules. She’s only sorry because she got busted.

This is just another inept Labour MP making a hash of things. Will she be held to account? I doubt it somehow.

The entitlement attitude of Labour when they are in government is unbelievable.