A royal victory

A guest post

All right-thinking New Zealanders will be delighted that, at long last, a black woman has found her place in the British royal family. Whaleoil readers will have noticed that racists among the media, and among the public at large, have failed to acknowledge that Meghan is black, but she is decidedly so. Like President Obama, one of her parents was African American, and she will surely follow the lead of America?s greatest president and identify as black. Like him, she will surely reject the pejorative designation ‘mixed race’.?

Meghan?s victory is historic but we have yet to see true equality in the Windsor family. We can be sure there are lesbians and homosexuals among its number but, regrettably, the extant prejudice in Britain prevents them from publicly proclaiming their sexual identity. One can only hope that the time is not far away when everyone in British royal circles can be recognised for who they are and what they are.

Another major step we must look forward to, hopefully in the not too distant future, is the doing away with the sexist title ‘queen’. Why on Earth should the gender of a female monarch be indicated by her title? It smacks of the past practice of referring to female actors with the demeaning term ‘actress’. Some Whaleoil readers will recall that, before sanity prevailed in Hollywood, there was even a ‘Best Actress’ award in the Academy Awards. How that must have rankled with the thousands of fine female actors of days gone by; women remaining silent because of the sexist society in which they lived. One wonders how many of them rejected the abhorrent Best Actress award and so failed to have their talent publicly acknowledged.

As with Hollywood, change has always been slow in things to do with the British aristocracy. One hopes it will be in the lifetime of today?s Whaleoil readers that we are ruled by a transgender king of the female sex, of African or Asian race, of the Muslim religion and preferably left handed.


-Michael Edgar