Another grand socialist experiment goes bung

Caption: Why don’t they just say, “Give us your money”?

As Margaret Thatcher once said, the problem with socialist schemes is that “They always run out of other people?s money”.

Not that it?daunts our intrepid socialists. Embodying the maxim about stupidity and doing the same thing and expecting different results, socialists endlessly dream up new ways of frittering away other people’s money.

One of the most popular of recent years has been “Universal Basic Income”, meaning the state doles out handouts to one and all without any rules or restrictions. And, of course, it was one of the socialists’ beloved Scandinavian countries which tried putting that into practice.

And the experiment has collapsed after just a year.Quote:

The nation’s experiment with so-called universal basic income has captured global attention …

Now, the experiment is ending. The Finnish government has opted not to continue financing it past this year.End of quote.

In fact, not only has Finland kyboshed UBI, it’s actually cracking down on welfare.Quote:

Finland has actually reversed course on that front this year, adopting rules that threaten to cut benefits for jobless people unless they actively look for work or engage in job training.End of quote.

Of course, there are plenty more suckers lining up to experience the latest fad in socialist failure.Quote:

The demise of the project in Finland does not signal an end of interest in the idea. Other trials are underway or being explored in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Canadian province of Ontario, the Netherlands and Kenya.End of quote.

Now, why don’t any of those names surprise me?Quote:

In much of the world, the concept of basic income retains appeal as a potential way to more justly spread the bounty of global capitalism.End of quote.

No, it remains the pet project of freeloaders leeching off working people. Look at the list of countries also falling for the UBI scam: with the exception of Kenya, all are Western areas wealthy enough to afford the luxury of being dominated by left-wing polities. Kenya apparently itches to be the next Venezuela.Quote:

But the Finnish government’s decision to halt the experiment at the end of 2018 highlights a challenge to basic income’s very conception. Many people in Finland ? and in other lands ? chafe at the idea of handing out cash without requiring that people work.End of quote.

Wow, people who work hard to make their own way get a bit antsy about handing over the sweat of their labour to workshy grifters? Who’da thunk it?Quote:

“There is a problem with young people lacking secondary education, and reports of those guys not seeking work,” said Heikki Hiilamo, a professor of social policy at the University of Helsinki.

“There is a fear that with basic income they would just stay at home and play computer games.”End of quote.

No kidding.

Unconditional welfare is honeyed poison. Socialists and globalists both love it because it reduces citizens to helpless infants utterly dependent on the state. But it destroys the lives of the very poor that the socialists profess to care so much about.

The welfare state in countries like Britain and the U.S. has devastated poor people. When single mothers are guaranteed generous state support and young men are encouraged in their natural fecklessness, the lives of generations of children are blighted. Financial incentives for teenagers to abandon the family home have destroyed parental authority and destroyed the traditional family role of working-class matriarchs. ?Sit-down money? has devastated rural and indigenous communities, fostering hopelessness and addiction.

In all likelihood, the mandarins of the welfare state mean well, but as the wise saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.