Aussies give Cindy a kick in the slats

The Aussies have given Jacinda Ardern a good kicking on people smuggling.

Newshub reports:

The Australian government is accusing New Zealand of being a gateway destination for people smugglers.

It also alleges that 130 Sri Lankan asylum seekers intercepted in Malaysia over the weekend were headed for New Zealand

“The other point is New Zealand and is now being marketed as a definite destination,” Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says.

“Those people cannot come to our country unless they’re issued with a visa, and it’s a very different story if you’re coming out of Auckland or Wellington – you can jump on a plane into Sydney, Brisbane, and then claim protection or whatever the case might be.” End quote.

This is what happens why you have a virtue-signalling student politician insulting the Aussies almost from day one of her prime ministership. Her actions then were as unwise as her actions feting the corrupt Hillary Clinton yesterday. Quote:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern won’t say whether the vessel was bound for New Zealand or if it could even make it – only insisting such boats need to be stopped. End quote.

Because she doesn’t know. She doesn’t know because Five Eyes information has dried up and the Aussies aren’t speaking to us anymore. Quote:

But she does agree New Zealand is being sold as a promised land for people willing to risk everything.

“The destination may not be New Zealand – in some cases it may, but it’s all a marketing exercise by repugnant people risking people’s lives,” she said. End quote.

And she made us a destination by virtue-signalling over the ratbag criminals at Manus Island. Quote:

When former Prime Minister John Key changed the law in 2012 to detain so-called “boat people”, Labour said they were scaremongering, expressing doubt that any of these vessels – which it labelled ‘ghost ships’ – could make it to New Zealand.

A moot point if a boat that is not capable of reaching New Zealand or if one is – either way, they must not be stopped.

And this isn’t the first time Australia’s attempted to blame New Zealand as a soft touch for asylum seekers targeting Australia.

The Prime Minister’s been quick to say that New Zealand must be vigilant in case a boat makes it all the way here, but so far, not a single one has – and there’s no evidence to suggest it even could. End quote.

Until one does make it. Then there will be evidence. That ‘no evidence of anything’ line is a favourite line of a tumbleweed blogger. All I can say is that there are none so blind as those who will not see.