Australia takes principled stand: Left furious

Caption: Apparently the left think Israel should be condemned for not allowing charming little rascals like these to swarm over their borders

The United Nations Human Rights Council, despite its grandiose title, is a body with a singular obsession: attacking the only liberal democracy in the Middle-East. The United Nations Human Rights Council has passed more resolutions against Israel than all the rest of the world combined. That is, the United Nations Human Rights Council has been more concerned with Israel than Syria, Burma, Iran, China, Venezuela, or even North Korea. In fact, the only permanent agenda item with the?United Nations Human Rights Council is aimed specifically at Israel alone.

So it?s no surprise that an ?investigation? by the United Nations Human Rights Council into the Hamas-instigated violence in Gaza proceeds from a first principle of condemning Israel.

The only real surprise is that the Australian government finally grew a pair and stood up to the corrupt United Nations. While 14 countries abstained from voting on the resolution, Australia joined the United States as one of only two nations to vote against an obvious show-trial.

Naturally the left are furious at Australia not joining the anti-Israel mob. Quote:

Explain UN vote over Israel, Anthony Albanese says

The Gaza clashes have energised Labor left sympathies towards Palestine End of quote.

Only a cynic would suggest that Labor?s sympathies are more energised by desperation to sway the massive Islamic vote bloc in the key electoral of Sydney?s western suburbs. But Labor?s problematic attitude to Israel run even deeper. Labor MPs are openly championing the anti-Israel Boycott Divest and Sanction movement. Senior Jewish Labor MP Michael Danby is facing a challenge as his seat in Australia?s Jewish heartland is increasingly invaded by Greens-voting hipsters. The Greens have been accused of blatantly anti-Semitic acts. Quote:

The UN Human Rights Council ? of which Australia is a member ? voted on Friday to set up an investigation into the deaths at the hands of Israeli forces after violent protests in Gaza?Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the Coalition believed the resolution ?prejudged? the outcome of any inquiry and ignored Hamas? role. End of quote.

Bishop is right: any ?inquiry? which proceeds from a standpoint of condemning its object is not an inquiry at all. It?s a kangaroo court. When it completely neglects to mention an entity which has openly admitted that it used civilians to provoke violence, its bias couldn?t be plainer.

The left?s infatuation with Hamas blinds them to acknowledging any semblance of reality: Quote:

Mr Albanese said??International law requires a proportionate response and those people who have guns on one side (while) the other side has rocks … the people with guns have a ?responsibility to act in a way that is proportionate,? End of quote.

?Rocks?? Don?t forget the incendiaries, knives, guns, and explosives. International law also allows a nation to defend its borders. When a nation is faced with tens of thousands of violent, armed rioters trying to storm its borders from behind billowing walls of smoke, one might ask just what is ?proportionate?. Quote:

His comments were re-posted by Labor MPs from the faction on social media against the backdrop of a wider push by some sections of the party for Labor to recognise a Palestinian state if they are ?elected. End of quote.

Here is Labor?s end-game exposed. The densely-populated western suburbs of Sydney were once Labor?s heartland. Over the past ten years, they have turned into key marginal battlegrounds. Labor are desperate to hold on to the redoubts of its power. Western Sydney is also home to Australia?s densest population of Muslims. Sydney has twice as many Muslims as the rest of Australia combined. More than half of the population of Lakemba is Muslim.

Even Iranian-born former Labor senator Sam Dastyari has criticised the party for its anti-Israel bias. In 2012 Labor narrowly refrained from voting in favour of according observer status for Palestine. Pro-Palestinian Labor MPs had openly warned that ?many Labor seats were affected by Middle Eastern populations?. To her credit then-Prime Minister Julia Gillard stood her ground and shifted Australia?s vote to an abstention.

The increasingly anti-Semitic left are furious that Australia refused to be a party to United Nation bullying of Israel. Labor are spooked by threats from the controversial Lakemba mosque to run independent Muslim candidates against them.

The United Nations Human Rights Council isn’t interested in a genuine inquiry into the Gaza violence. Its outcome is prejudged by its own opening statement. It’s a political show-trial intended only to attack Israel. Australia had no principled option but to reject it.