Biology 101: Shining cuckoos

A guest post.

The shining cuckoo is a migratory animal. At certain times the migration of cuckoos into the Whaleoil fauna is quite noticeable.

A feature of cuckoos is their bright colouring, which acts as a very good camouflage. Mostly cuckoos are inconspicuous, usually staying among dense comment streams. Their scribblings may be loud and easily recognisable, but sometimes are only given away by the tone, nevertheless they remain willing to bait Oilers in an argument. They can be very difficult to see, often remaining concealed until put to flight.??

The Whaleoil fauna provides plenty of fodder for these cuckoos, and the relatively open and easy way to get amongst the fauna offers opportunity for the cuckoos’ scribblings. For the amateur cuckoo watchers, cuckoos seem readily able to be spotted in a couple of Whaleoil faunas. Topics around Israel, which offer insight into what really is happening and how the MSM push an anti-Israel agenda, attract cuckoos. Cuckoos are negative in tone and the cuckoos’ comments want to foment argument.

Other Whaleoil fauna seem to be the Twyford housing scandal, where cuckoos inhabit the comment streams and amateur cuckoo watchers can easily spot comments that defend the feckless minister, usually attributing blame to something that happened, or didn?t happen, in the last season.

The nature of the Whaleoil fauna, with rich pickings of fact not seen elsewhere and thoughtful opinion, as well as different viewpoints like those offered in INCITE: Politics, seems to pave a natural path for cuckoos. Mostly these cuckoos, once spotted, can be seen to have a significant list to the port side.

Curiously, cuckoo breeders exist. Once budgets for cuckoo breeders increase, then cuckoos are actively bred and released into the Whaleoil fauna, as cuckoo breeders have a need to know and control. It is now that Oilers rely on their own wits not to engage with cuckoos that seem to want to fight. The cuckoos that stray close to the sun are curtailed by the respected band of mods.

Evolution is not unknown, and once a thinking cuckoo starts partaking in the facts, titbits and thoughtful opinion of the Whaleoil fauna, the list to the Port side becomes less and less. There is very real danger for the cuckoo breeders, in that released cuckoos, feasting on the rich Whaleoil fauna, will moult, grow independently and have less respect for the cuckoo breeders.