Budget response: Maori are angry too

Maori aren’t happy with Grant Robertson’s first budget: Quote:

The M?ori Party says it is a “kick in the guts” that Wh?nau Ora has been overlooked in today’s Budget.

“That goes against the promise that Labour made to voters last year to put $20 million into Wh?nau Ora over four years,” M?ori Party president Che Wilson said.

“That’s an issue of integrity. That’s a policy that Labour itself put up ? they are the majority party in Government so there’s really no excuse to renege. It’s also a bit of a kick in the guts,” he said.

“We’ve got more M?ori MPs in government than ever before, but the Labour Party still won’t back wh?nau or communities to lead their own development”.

Wh?nau Ora is a cross-government work programme that places families/wh?nau at the centre of services focused on health and wellbeing. It was a cornerstone of the coalition agreement between National and the M?ori Party in 2008.

Former Wh?nau Ora Minister Dame Tariana Turia said it showed the election pledge was just empty words. “I was always told ‘your word is your honour’,” she said.

Merepeka Raukawa-Tait, chairwoman of Te Pou Matakana, Wh?nau Ora’s commissioning agency, called it a Budget of broken promises.

This Government has given us a Budget of broken promises and this is disappointing. Its commitment to wh?nau, made in 2017, seems to have been forgotten, despite there being a large proportion of M?ori MPs and M?ori Cabinet ministers,” she said.

Te Pou Matakana worked with more than 80 Wh?nau Ora providers across the North Island that supported more than 9000 wh?nau every year. End quote.

Maori blindly voted for Labour MPs in the Maori seats. Now they have found out just how much Labour value that support ? not at all.

They deserve everything they don’t get from an arrogant government that have shown, yet again, that they treat Maori as voting fodder.

More broken promises.