Photoshop of the day

The National party have a photoshopper that they use for social media posts but he or she is nowhere near as good as Whaleoil’s Luke or Rr.

I was careful not to ‘like’ their photoshop mocking Jacinda Ardern on Twitter because I would hate anyone to think that Whaleoil is associated in any way with Simon Bridges. After all, we all know?how Simon Bridges reacted when he ‘liked’ a funny photoshop image posted by Whaleoil and was told off by the MSM for doing so.

Below is the National party’s photoshop. I get what they are trying to do but in the image, they have Jacinda Ardern winning a race which undermines the point they are trying to make don’t you think?

screenshot: Whaleoil

The Government has just announced its 100th working group in just 200 days of office. Bereft of good ideas, despite of having 9 years in Opposition to develop them, they?re spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to hire consultants by the dozen to do the mahi for them.

-NZ National party on Twitter