Chipping away at our society

Whaleoil reader KatB responded to the video posted yesterday that showed an elderly?British lady being arrested by the police. This is what she had to say:

This is chilling, not just from the point of Muslim culture being forced upon us, but from the point of everything being forced upon us without us even realising it. It’s almost subliminal. The school reading books coming home with the story about a boy. In the background, subtle references to Mum and Dad not living together: Dad and his partner Sharon having a baby, all becoming normal. What’s the harm? Chip chip chip at the traditional family structure.

The story in the paper about the Muslim girl not getting the job at the jeweller’s, supposedly because of her headgear, oh the outrage. Chip chip chip at our culture.

Screenshot of the notes a Whaleoil reader scribbled on a handout during the 2016 Watersafe Auckland Inc AGM

The calls for segregation at our swimming pools, what’s the harm? Chip chip chip at our carefree way of life.

The calls for tolerance for the boy who wants to attend an all-girls school, after all, it’s only one, what could go wrong? Chip chip chip at our common sense.

If you speak up about these little things, people look at you like some insensitive scaremonger. Then before you know it, the police or social services are at your door taking your “trans” child away from you or arresting you like that lady in the video.

People wonder how it came to this. If what’s happening overseas is anything to go by, day by day we are being played by being asked to be more tolerant and when we do we are playing right into their hands by accepting the unacceptable.