Comedy that’s not

Alice Snedden. Credit : Chris Skelton Fairfax

Alice Snedden is still trying to fan the embers of outrage over Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern apparently being called a stupid little girl by someone in parliament.? Quote:

This week it was reported that a National MP made a sexist remark about Jacinda Ardern while debating in the House.

You’ll be familiar with Jacinda, she’s the Prime Minster of our country. But in the middle of question time, she wasn’t Prime Minister to this MP, she was nothing but a “stupid little girl”.

Honestly, hearing that this had happened?truly brightened my day, because?how desperate must you be, that this is the best you’ve got? It’s basically the words of a pre-teen who’s acting out.

The feminist in me is outraged, but the left-leaning voter in me is thrilled to see National scrambling.

There are so many parts to this story to enjoy.

First, is that the statement was made by a clearly desperate MP who needed to get it out, “cause why do Labour get to run the country, it sux!”*.? End of quote.

Reading that sentence above, you would be forgiven for assuming that it was an actual quote. But there is an asterisk at the end of the quote marks. A disclaimer at the bottom of the article explains what the asterisk means:
* An imagined direct quote from any one of the sitting National MPs.
I think the real question is how desperate must you be to include an imagined made up quote in a story. It?s beyond pathetic. Maybe she?s trying to be funny.


Second, the MP who said it?won’t even own up to doing it. Wherever they are, they’re just sitting on it, hoping it blows over.

And third, instead of the issue being attributable to one MP who could be reprimanded for their actions, a shadow has now been cast over the entire National Party, forcing members to deny it was them. It’s a reverse “I am Spartacus”. It really is a dream scenario for anyone keen on seeing the National party implode a little from the inside.

At the time the comment was made in the house, the speaker stopped proceedings and addressed it. However, as it was unclear who said it, that person couldn’t be held accountable in the moment. Instead footage will have to be reviewed in the hope that it’ll become obvious.? End of quote.

She really needs to keep up.? The Speaker has already reviewed the footage and could not make out who made the comment.? I?ve listened to it a few times myself, and couldn?t hear the comment either.? So if the comment was made, it?s impossible to identify who said it, so let?s just move on. ? Quote:

[?] But my question to Simon Bridges, and any other person who’s using the environment of parliament as an excuse, would be, why is “stupid little girl” an insult in your vernacular to start with? In your repertoire of words you can say in the heat of the moment, why does that even exist?

It’s sexist. It’s attempting to belittle the Prime Minister by infantilising her because she’s a woman. It’s complete garbage and it’s not something that would ever have been said to John Key. Although, I do think he often behaved like a naughty little boy.? [?]? End of quote.

Nice little dig Alice, I bet you feel really clever now.