Commenting and moderation

We have had a lot of feedback regarding the current state of our commenting and moderation rules. They have been added to over many, many years and have become a confusing and unwieldy beast. There are currently two different pages on Whaleoil containing commenting rules and information about moderation and we wanted them to be combined and refined.

It was a massive job but it needed to be done. The amazing Maureen who is a Whaleoil proofreader volunteered to do it for us. She cut the information (seven pages worth) down to a manageable size, organised it and created for us the Golden rule and the Ten Commandments.?She?has?also organised and improved a list of FAQ.

We are very grateful to Maureen for the transformation which will make it easy now for new and old commenters alike to follow the rules.

The final draft is yet to be checked by Cameron and it goes into detail for each of the commandments but today I am giving you all a sneak peek of what is coming.

First up is the very simple and easy to understand commenting rules summary which Maureen has called the Golden Rule.

Each comment should:

  • be on the topic of the post
  • add information, a point of view or a contribution of some substance and
  • be respectful and do no harm to others.

Credit: Whaleoil

When we release the Ten Commandments officially each one will contain specific details explaining them further but for now, here they are.

  1. Comment on the topic
  2. Be truthful and keep it legal
  3. Keep your language clean and respectful, including your username
  4. Keep your images clean and respectful
  5. Add value
  6. Don?t be greedy
  7. Respect the moderators
  8. Act like a guest
  9. Use the correct channels for contact
  10. Edit your comments correctly

Whaleoil’s comment section is head and shoulders above all other New Zealand media and we are justly proud of what we have achieved. To keep this high standard and to help maintain it?I look forward to sharing with you all soon the final draft of our Ten Commandments, our FAQ and our explanation of how our moderation system works.