Condescending is just a fancy way of saying dickhead

Trevor Mallard would probably like to change his title to Lord, The Honourable Speaker. He is so consumed with his own importance he is making an arse of himself. For years he has coveted this job. When he was in opposition he’d often trifle with the speaker of the house on some obscure point, in a typical teacher-type know-it-all approach to show that he’d make a better speaker.

Now he is the speaker he is making a complete twat of himself: Quote:

National Party MPs have skipped a meeting of the Business Committee in an apparent protest at Speaker Trevor Mallard’s handling of Question Time.

National’s members of the committee did not turn up to a meeting last Tuesday. Only Anne Tolley attended, though she was there in her capacity as Deputy Speaker.

The committee is in charge of when Parliament sits and what is debated, including what laws come before the House.

Shadow Leader of the House Gerry Brownlee, who is on the committee, said it was not compulsory to attend and his MPs had only missed one meeting.

He rejected the suggestion that National MPs were staging a boycott, and said they would “probably” attend tomorrow’s meeting.

But it is understood that his party is upset about Mallard’s handling of Parliamentary Question Time and his treatment of MPs on the National side.

A source said Mallard, who must be a neutral referee, had been condescending and disparaging towards National’s senior MPs.

In one case, he especially angered the party by deducting five questions at a time from Brownlee.

Brownlee said his party had previously expressed frustration at the way Mallard removed questions from the Opposition, but said it’s non-attendance at the committee was “not necessarily” related to this.

“I think it is no secret we see that as an unfair way of dealing with matters that annoy him,” he said.

Mallard said no one had directly raised any concerns with him. For that reason, he would not say whether he would change the way he ran Question Time.

“I won’t comment on hypotheticals,” he said. End quote.

Why would anyone bother raising it with him? He’s an arse, and possibly heading towards claiming the worst-speaker-ever award. That’s a real challenge when you consider he’s competing with Gerry Wall and Margaret Wilson in those stakes.

His childish question deductions show he’s never really grown up from being an inept teacher who can’t recognise when he is the one in the wrong.

After all his virtue signalling, cuddling a baby, he’s gone downhill and I certainly haven’t seen him bouncing the bairn on his knee since.

He needs to get over himself and fast. I can think of a shorter ‘c’ word than condescending to describe him.