Cry-bullies enforcing cultural ignorance

Caption: This is the sign of modern intellectual and cultural cowardice

What links are there between Aboriginal Australians and the Vikings of the 8th century?

The answer is, of course, none at all. But that hasn?t stopped Australia?s largest public museum organisation from caving into the superstitions of urbanised Australian Aboriginals.Quote:

Viking bones have been removed from an exhibit at Melbourne Museum after it received advice it could offend indigenous Australians.

This is insane. When conservative Christians tried to stop the exhibition of Andres Serrano?s Piss Christ, Australia?s culture-vultures summarily told them to get stuffed. Yet the magical beliefs of a handful of what Aboriginal blogger Dallas Beaufort called ?Fauxborigines? is used to deny the people of Melbourne a rich cultural and educational experience.Quote:

?We sought advice from Aboriginal elders in our community and we received advice that this would cause a great deal of distress?End of quote.

As Beaufort wrote, these “pale-skinned, so called ‘Elders’ or ‘Traditional Owners'” discover a smattering of Aboriginal heritage in their genealogy late in life, and suddenly they?re draped in a possum-skin cloak, waffling about their ?culture?, and bullying and extorting anyone who?ll fall for their flim-flam act.Quote:

Australian First Peoples individuals and communities can experience distress and sadness from the display of human remains.End of quote.

Well, here?s a thought: don?t buy a ticket to go and look at them.Quote:

It is also due to the spiritual belief that Ancestors ? whatever country or people they belong to ? should be laid to rest and not on display.End of quote.

Vikings were Europeans. It is a European belief that artefacts and exhibits (including human remains) are a vital way for people to learn the truth about the past. These are the remains of the ancestors of Europeans, not Aborigines. It?s none of their goddamn business what Europeans do with the remains of their own ancestors.Quote:

Tom Elliott said it was ?thin edge of the wedge? policy and opened the door to all sorts of issues.End of quote.

As an institution supposedly dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of knowledge Museums Victoria ought to be ashamed of itself for capitulating to voodoo magical-thinking. Once you establish the principle that a bunch of cry-bully shysters in borrowed ochre plumage are allowed to use superstition to override the pursuit of knowledge, you?re opening the gate to the Dark Ages.

Maybe next they?ll hold a ?traditional smoking ceremony? fuelled by burning banned books?