David Farrar beats up spastic kid in online spat

David Farrar tweeted a link to his review of Labour’s new industrial relations policy:

It was a fairly innocuous, until one of the ‘special’ kids in Labour got in on the action:? ?

Andrew Little attacked David Farrar saying, “Why would anyone expect someone who derives the bulk of his income from working for the National Party to provide a genuinely analytical view of any Labour or government party policy?”

It looks like he was really wound up, and became even more wound up when Farrar replied, “Which aspects of the analysis are wrong?” A fair question to a government minister who has just attacked your analysis.

Andrew Little goes full retard, doubling down on his attack against Farrar saying, “Anything you do politically is tainted. It?s called conflict of interest. Professional people understand this.”

Of course, he said nothing about the conflict of interest in his own leader’s office. But, that is by the by. Farrar decides to ramp up the pressure adding, “By this logic anything you say is also tainted. A pity you can?t play the ball instead of the man.”

Andrew Little bites again replying, “I?m a politician. You?re claiming to be an independent commentator. You?re not. You?re a National Party hack who never discloses his interests.”

To which David Farrar replies with a link to his disclosure statement and comments, “More name calling plus inaccuracy. I have always disclosed my interests.”

Back in the Clark days we nicknamed Labour the ‘Nasty party’. It seems they are back and Andrew Little is showing all the aspects of that era, along with his union strongman act and propensity to fly off the handle with comments that are just plain wrong. You’d think that he would have learned from having two defamation cases brought against him whilst an MP: one from Judith Collins and one from the Hagamans.

David Farrar was a bit mean though, picking on a? spastic kid like that.

Labour, for their part, don’t seem to have realised yet that they are in government.