Dear Oscar

Credit: Christ Skelton/Stuff

Dear Oscar,

I have just read your article on Clarke Gayford where I feel you have let your creative juices run slightly amok. You say that comments by people trying to destroy Labour will get tiresome, well I can assure you Labour blaming National for nine years of neglect is ALREADY tiresome. It appears you seem to think National voters are to blame for spreading scurrilous rumours about this man. May I suggest that taking into account the age, maturity and intellect of those who vote National your thoughts might be a little astray.

Are you at all acquainted with New Zealand?s most popular blog Whaleoil? I suspect not. It is where most right-wing people congregate for informed discussion. If you do decide to pay a visit you will find the level of subject matter on the whole way above the goings on of some bloke called Gayford.

I also find somewhat amusing your comments that National voters are involved because their party is not in government. As National won the election as the largest Party there is no doubt some angst that the 37 percent party was GIVEN the reins of power. However, the vast majority wouldn?t see that as a reason to waste time on Clarke. Are you suggesting Labour was squeaky clean on this when in opposition? Give me a break! They wasted nine years in opposition going after and digging up dirt on John Key and his family.

Oscar, these rumours would not have become so well known if some idiot, presumably from the left, hadn’t run off to get help from the Police. As a result, the whole country now knows of their existence and people are asking what they are.

The other problem Clarke and his partner have is a compliant media who are breathlessly reporting their every move and treating them as some kind of royalty. As a reporter said the other day, we are all sick of the fawning over the two of them. God help us when the baby arrives.

In conclusion, as is the norm with the Left, your article is riddled with hypocrisy and lacking proof of your musings. Your time would be much better spent concentrating on the current political reality which is that we have a minority party leading a coalition which to date has produced little more than a series of lies and broken promises.